Breaking News! JADE HELM Anagram Deciphered! We’re All Dead!

jade helm anagram

Everyone has heard of Operation Jade Helm now, unless they’ve been living under a rock. However, until now, few people outside of Government actually knew what the anagram meant. Now we know, and we see that we’ve all been made a target. What the letters in ‘Jade Helm’ decipher to is,
“Joint Assistant for Development and Execution along with Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.”

Basically, you speak out against the Government, and you’re going bye bye. Down one of those super secret tunnels under all the Walmarts!

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Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
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  • Average Joe

    If true and I mean IF. This action would drive millions more to their cause. The militia’s aren’t just in southern states. They are all across America. They couldn’t take them all out at once so trying to start it is A loosing proposition to begin with. You can start and every gun owner in America will know what’s happening and they will prepare.

  • marlio

    OUr forefathers weren’t terrorist, the REDCOATS WERE and King George of England. We were just objecting to taxation without representation, wanted freedom of religion, and wanted to be our own sovereign citizen which we weren’t under King George. New recruits, check out a older history or government book, 20 or 30 years old from your local library!!! You are being manipulated and lied to, by your manipulated commanders . Find someone who has been in the miltary 30 or 40 years to tell you the truth. Oh I forget! The wimpy, Wussy, fraudulent obanma is FIRING ALL THE OLDER COMMANDERS, so we have the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!!!!

  • Eaton Beaver (Kafir al-Amriki

    You are fucking batshit crazy. Turn off Alex Jones and take off the tinfoil hat. WTF…

    • Richard Bates


      • Nicky Mancinelli

        eaton beaver is laughably INCOMPETENT so YES that would in FACT, by my definition “Equate to CRAZY”

        • DeezNutsMuhFuggah

          AGAIN with the random CAPS. WTH? Get over yourself, dude. I’ll bet you’re the type of narcissist who takes dozens of pics of himself in sunglasses and constantly post them because he thinks it makes him Joe Cool, or is “that guy” that wears them inside, like at a club.

          • Nicky Mancinelli

            and I STATE “you are in FACT ‘WRONG’ IF you were right ‘dude’ I would’ve let you know, I am JOE COOL because I AM JOE FUNKING COOL and I KNOW it ‘unequivocally’ I don’t ‘question’ anything that is less than absolute FACT and I wouldn’t EVER be “SEEN at ‘a club’ because CLUBS ARE FOR CLOWN ASS LOSERS like those who “hide behind masks titled “deeznutsmuhfuggah” and EXPECT to “be taken seriously” in ANY argument/debate EVER, you LOSE “deeznuts” YOU LOSE

          • DeezNutsMuhFuggah

            Ad Hominem. *yawn*. Your bore me with your mentally questionable and narcissistic responses. Have a great life, Joe Drool. I’m out.

          • Nicky Mancinelli

            the bible a source of ‘nonsense’ “deeznutsmuhfugga THE source of FAKE” I mean ‘truth’ he/it speaks the ‘truth’

          • Nicky Mancinelli

            ‘random’ EVERYTHING I do is for a REASON, you are ‘attempting to attack’ a UNDEFEATED online SUPERBOSS/CHAMPION, you are “fighting a losing battle” not with me, but with your ‘laughably pathetic version/form of what you call/believe to be (don’t make me LAUGH) SELF’ Good luck wit dat “Deeznuts”

    • Nicky Mancinelli

      says “eaton beaver” you establish and deserve NO CREDIBILITY whatsoever, hence IE “YOU are a CLOWN” your lack of consideration for ‘REALITY’ (as JADE HELM IS REAL commencing on 7/15 WITHIN our dying Nations borders etc. and “all things combined” etc.) and your laughably pathetic “attempt to make ‘jokes’ is absolute PROOF” you FOOL think “life is a joke” be PREPAREd to Wake the FUNK up! when IT HAPPENS, because it WILL HAPPEN in less than 2 count em TWO calendar weeks… I wish I was there to see your clown reaction when it does, tick-tick…

      • Eaton Beaver (Kafir al-Amriki

        Great job with the all caps! Well done. And no need for me to argue. Just check back here after it’s over and apologize. Oh wait, then you’ll say something like “they canceled it because too many people figured it out and it was on Alex Jones, etc.”. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

        • Nicky Mancinelli

          says “eaton beaver” who posted ANOTHER version of something he AIN’T AFTER I put him in check, HA! “they ‘cancelled it?’ what kind of world do you live in/on, I AM living in the one about to collapse/MELTDOWN cuckoo the funking DOW Jones/Global Market FOOL “the bible” has a name for the uninformed masses incl. yourself, you know what it is?… “FOOL”

          • DeezNutsMuhFuggah

            Time to up your meds dosage, bro. And those sunglasses are SICK! Tell me more about how you have it all figured out. Oh wait, you are one of them illuminati guys, aren’t ya!

          • Nicky Mancinelli

            GUCCI 495$ polarized I ‘appreciate it’

          • Nicky Mancinelli

            i don’t take drugs or smoke, YOU on the other hand ‘deeznutsmuhfuggah’ well your name FAKE ‘reality’ scared to be yourself persona tells me each and every single thing necessary/needed to know about YOU, up your meds. bro…

          • DeezNutsMuhFuggah

            Oh, and yes the bible has some wisdom. My personal favorite verse is Ezekiel 23:20. But it’s a hilarious source of contradictions and nonsense.

      • Eaton Beaver (Kafir al-Amriki

        And to clarify, there will be military training conducted, but NOT a Federal takeover/invasion to establish martial law, U.N.troops taking all our guns, etc.

        • redhorse1969

          prove it boy you lie punk

          • DeezNutsMuhFuggah

            Wow, you sound like an asshole. How about having a conversation with logic, not attacking like a middle school bully. Prove what? Lie about what? It will be proven when the exercises are complete September 15th, and you nuts will move on to a new tin foil hat conspiracy.

        • Nicky Mancinelli

          hey “eaton beaver” do you think a GLOBAL financial collapse now IMMINENT “might or could” in time “lead to martial law?” simple question with a very simple answer, NWO do you see why ‘jade helm 15 master the human domain is in place/taking place?” WHO was RIGHT? I AM “ALL THE TIME”

          • DeezNutsMuhFuggah

            Your logic is so flawed and rambling, I don’t know why I’m bothering. OF COURSE financial meltdown COULD lead to martial law. So yes. But Jade Helm is not part of a big conspiracy with Illuminati or some other nonsense pulling the strings. It’s called training, that’s it. Nothing more. Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc.

          • Nicky Mancinelli

            you are ‘bothering’ because I ‘bothered’ you/struck a nerve muhfugga that being said, I ONLY do so “after being attacked” myself, otherwise peaches and cream/happiness and good memories are ALL the fuck I spread online, YOU caught the back end of re: being a fucking FOOL that you ARE, go on, keep “digging your grave a little deeper”…

      • Nancy Bowman

        Count em TWO calendar weeks are up!

        • Nicky Mancinelli

          it just DID… FOOL and the calendar weeks ‘expire 9/15’ I AM RIGHT not just a ‘percentage of the time’ ALL THE TIME, the world is entering the End Game OVER…

      • Nicky Mancinelli

        it took a few more calendar weeks BUT IT IS HAPPENING…

  • Jeremy Benghazi Barmore III

    The ads on these pages have gotten so out of hand I won’t even read the articles anymore. I try, but the pop ups make me close the fking page. Most of the articles are bullshit, accompanied by a shit load of ads. Its ridiculous, and I’m done with these types of pages. Fuck off you whores.

  • Carlton Taylor

    Nothing Jesus ever preached about has caused mankind to lose freewill.
    Nothing. Yes, over the past 2000 years, Jesus was a popular figure. But so is
    Buddha, so is Mohamed, so is David and Abraham and Satan. All are well known
    and loved by some and hated by others. But SINCE Moses, God has yet to force
    mankind into obedience through the words of anyone.

    This is how you know the messenger has arrived:

    #1 The Messenger will be one of the Israelite tribes.

    #2 The Messenger will interpret the word of God like no man and convey it to

    #3 The Messenger will speak the word of God, TORAH.

    #4 The Messenger will tell mankind the word of God in Torah and those that
    do not obey will lose their freewill. God will make sure of that.

  • hancock

    An amazing argument between two loonie bin nutbags Eaton and Nicky. lol is the internet fun or what?