Breaking News! Federal Government To Invade Texas!

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It’s finally happened folks! Martial law, high treason, whatever you want to call it, but the Federal Government has announced plans to invade not just a ‘sovereign state,’ but a sovereign U.S. state, that being, the great state of Texas! They are calling it a ‘training exercise,’ code named ‘Operation Jade Helm,’ yet they have labelled Texas a ‘hostile territory.’

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Listen to Infowars’ Alex Jones and Joe Biggs explain:

People, you MUST prepare for Operation Jade Helm! Follow us on Facebook at Operation Jade Helm And Beyond by clicking on this blue sentence!

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The Giver
Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
  • Ahh, mr. Giver; you gain knowledge through experience and education. Idiot.

    • steve

      If you think school is the only way to gain knowledge, you are the idiot. For example, in most of the industries I’ve worked in, experienced workers have more knowledge of what works and how to fix and improve things better than engineers who only know what could work on paper. I know many many very intelligent people who never finished high school much less have a college diploma who have a better understanding of current affairs, foreign policy, complex mathematical equations, science, and a plethora of other subjects because they read and through their experiences. Your diploma doesn’t make you any smarter and your calling that gentleman an idiot just shows you are a smug, hateful person.

      • If you can read the whole statement I made, it says “you gain knowledge through EXPERIENCE and education “, and while you’re correcting me…I believe you get a college ‘degree’…and a high school ‘diploma’. Other than those few things, I agree with you, yes I’ll admit to being bitchy, but I cannot ignore anyone who dismisses education. Common sense goes a long way and all the education in the world can’t help if you don’t know how to apply it. My apologies to you and the giver, I did not mean to offend….

        • Ann

          Education? Most of the men and women that built this nation had little if any formal education. Many could not even sign their name they made their mark. Education is but one tool. Do not disregard other tools we learn in life.


    IF this is true the government had picked the wrong state to mess with!!

    • Tom

      They are breaking the constitution by even saying they are going to be practicing on land that belongs to the USA..The constitution says, no USA military is allowed to do this here..

    • Penny Castillo

      That may be why their choosing Texas. If they take us out then they have a better shot at the easy going people.

      • Peggy smith

        That’s what I was thinking cause Utah and southern cal was deemed hostile too and there hasn’t been one word said about THEM !


    IF this is true the government has picked the WRONG state to pick on!

  • The fed gov is fucked because of bummernumbnuts who the hell elected him prz oh yes it was dumbass chuck bagel and his fucked up Diebold voting machines

  • I Am The Beast Sssotlohiefmjn

    I will stand with the individual Texans to defend the US constitution and state constitution and fight illegals like Obama.

  • Daniel
  • Kristina

    Even IF it’s just a training exercise, how do they justify destroying landscapes, indigenous wildlife (including rare plants), and possibly innocents just out hiking/camping??? Their explanation seems somewhat bogus to me … though I do understand the need to train for things like this … still smells funny when you have areas, including the WHOLE state of Texas, listed as “hostile” … is it because we have guns and aren’t afraid to protect our own???

  • Albert Harshman

    Check the story. I was mad as hell when I first heard this, but I decided to check the facts . Starting 15 July and ending in Aug, there will be an 8 week field training exercise, affecting So Cal, NV, UT, AZ, TX, MS, and FL. All local govts involved have been notified, as have all LEO Agencies. Public Announcements will be broadcast throughout the exercise, letting the local population know what’s happening.

    • Tom

      Wrong, they hit Florida about 3 days ago, this I know for sure, I live here. They hit Miami by land, hit Jacksonville by water, hit Tampa by water, they have the whole damn state completely block in right now…

    • ChrisJ

      I don’t know about where you are at, but here in Texas there are literally military vehicles EVERYWHERE. We have had convoys coming in for months. I kid you not…about every 10 to 20 miles is a parking lot full of military vehicles and Apache helicopters are flying over in two’s and three’s. No exaggeration. Maybe it is a conspiracy and maybe it isn’t but it is flipping unsettling to see so much military presence in the suburbs. We do not live out in the country. We are right in the middle of suburbia. Honestly, it feels like we are living in a giant military base right now. It’s frightening.

  • muthasista

    thank u

  • BigRobT

    I live right by an airport they used for “practice”. (North Texas Regional Airport) Were there anything to worry about, my housing area would have been one of the first to experience any kind of problems. ;)

  • Good on ya mate! Fight the established power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The American government had gotten too big for its britches and needs to get grounded like a naughty 2 year old, one well placed spanning over the American people’s collective knees.

  • Gary Contreras

    Come and get ya some.

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  • Diane Moran


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  • Helen Parker

    No chance to SHARE this and this is the only place to COMMENT. What kind of INFOWAR is that? It seems that everytime there has been a mass shooting incident, there appears to be a govt excercise somewhere near by. What kind of mass shooting is this going to be? Maybe they can aim their guns at the border!

    • t111

      You are so right .Someone is going to go ape shit and blow something up or shoot a bunch of people.That someone would be part of the US GOV!! You notice every shooting eye witness always but always say there were 2 shooters.Then after it is said and done the gove jumps up and says oh there was only one and we got him.Go figure!!

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  • Jimmy

    Just maybe that this exercise is to stall off the Muslims from attaching us. They have said in the past that they would take us out. Why do you suppose O bummer has left the south border wide open to let his friends in and they are here by the millions. Get teddy to defend our country with our military to defeat this bunch of miss fits. The military well not say why because it may start faster than the y can get ready for. Just my two cents.

  • Don’t believe everything u read Sheepeoples.

    • ChrisJ

      Come on out here to Texas and see what it’s like. We live within the Houston city limits and there is military presence everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. We started noticing it a few months ago but it honestly feels like a full blown military invasion. It’s truly frightening when you look up and are regularly seeing two and three apache helicopters flying over your home where your small children play.

  • txgh0st

    the truth to what is happening remains to be seen, but remember the Trojan horse.

  • Seth Williams

    Smh…I can’t believe the gullible people out there. It’s a TRAINING EXERCISE for crying out loud. I’m IN the military. We do training exercises ALL THE TIME. We’ve been doing them for DECADES. Get a freaking grip….

    • Jim K

      Thank you! This entire “briefing” sounds ridiculous. These two are crazy! They’re completely twisting the words and changing the intent of this document to make it sound bad. Any intelligent person knows better.

    • falisha

      Hey what is all this about cause if I have to worry about this or stress about I might lose my unborn child for stressing too much please let me know something…. Thank you

    • Ready2defend

      So..lets say that it is true..and the government tells you (U.S.Troops) to do something against the people. What are yall gonna do? Are you going to follow orders to attack us or are you gonna deffend us???

    • bud

      here is the thing about a training exercise of this scope……there are bases with areas set aside for this type of training… do it in the civilian populated area with live ammo……guess what…..its unconstitutional…..all of you in the military on this operation better remember your oath and your Ps and Qs or you may find yourself on the wrong end of the gun.

  • tbrec63387

    Role playing are the key words.

  • Christine

    Really? Some people will fall for anything. Difficult to invade “your own” country or “take over ” your own county. It’s already yours. There’s no ” take over” needed. Paranoids with guns beware! Your military is practicing being military. Quick! Call the Governor and make him act a fool too! Oh… did that already. Geeze! Anyone can CLEARLY tell how legitimate this post is by the network that put it out. See…it’s the “won’t put our name on this bullshit, cuz it’s bullshit” network. Genius. Just genius.

  • Roman

    I really disappointed in people these days. First off, if you’ve never been in the military or have lived on a military base, etc. this type of news would scare you. Second, it’s a TRAINING EXERCISE, my brother does this every month. Texas is labeled “hostile” to simulate realism you dumbasses. We did the same thing in England during WW2. And if something is going down, maybe the gov received some kind of Intel about an enemy presence in or around Texas. So stop overanalyzing shit and carry on.

  • mary hayman

    Why isn’t the news reporting this?

  • OmegaMiss

    That is the worst hair piece I’ve ever seen.

    • Bamasquest

      OmegaMiss….ROFLOL!!! Best comment on this whole page! All of this “conspiracy BS” makes me sick! And Alex Jones is so full of it! He acts like he has such official knowledge all the time, and then NOTHING ever comes of it!!! I am going to LOL when the summer passes and not a thing has gone down!!!

  • Debbie Hillman

    When are the people in this country going to get Obama out and get our country back????? It is like everyone is just sitting back and letting things happen. Jade Helm, that is military operations. Right??

    • Stefanovitch

      Um. He will be gone by next November. Don’t you understand politics?

      • waysey1

        Maybe, unless for some unknown reason he decides to declare martial law. And if that doesn’t happen next November is a long way off.

        • Stefanovitch

          OK Slick. When a monkey flies out of my butt, I will name it Waysey1. Until then, it is nothing I am going to spend any time worrying about. When Martial Law does NOT happen, then what will your excuse be for being paranoid and hating the president?

  • Aquadok

    I am pretty much against the federal government but this Jade Helm conspiracy theory is just nuts. It makes a laughingstock of the people in Texas and I hate it because I live here. What will they say when nothing happens? These are just a bunch of losers with a really stupid conspiracy.

  • Dan Wosnitzky

    im cautiously listening to the info given….but quietly holding my weapons in case the info turns out to be true…. as wll as my neighbors….. nothing happens good.. but it it does.. im ready,,,,,are you

  • Dave Vanover

    the first person come knocking on my door for my guns is the first person to die

    • Randy Cullinan

      For those tough guys saying the same thing as you, if you wait till they are at your door, you are WAY to late to make a difference except to decide to die or not. Wars are not won on defense nor by those wishing for a good outcome.

  • StevenDR

    We are in no way prepared for a martial law take over, not In May, June, July or fricking August. Have you seen the vids of the massive military build up? Good luck with that fight.

  • apeman2502

    They may be going to arrest Bush43. The head of the church of satan is NSA general and director of all psychological warfare Michael Aquino, who used to kidnap for the Bush41 cabal. The likelihood Bush43 is going down are slim, so Jade Helm is probably to get Obama hot.

  • harvieadams

    Yes they are leasing land and barns in Texas

  • Julian B Duron

    America you counting down the days until America can scrape the EVIL from its Shell in the WHITE HOUSE and all Federal Agencies with Obama Appointed Minions? White House cleaning crew will need a FLAME THROWER to burn the CORRUPTION out of the WHITE HOUSE but the smell and debt to this Nation will remain for DECADES!

  • Dennis Russell

    Jade Helm is a cult group has been carry this crap for almost a year the dates they give for events are wrong their knowledge of asteroids were to hit earth they changed the dates and still nothing happen this is a group who will take info still haven’t hit earth read their history the posted picture of a exterior rule tank that military attach to their wings and its like a spare fuel tank they said it was bomb i have busted their stores to many time So unless you like to bust their bubble if so have fun

  • Michael L

    When and where was this ‘announcement?”

  • Marlynne Urban

    Now where is your Senator Ted Cruz when you need him?

  • Paul Zavislak

    Cut the fucking nonsense already. The US military runs eercises all the time with different contingency plans. Such fear mongering nonsense.

  • Donna Nuunya

    This is incredibly old news….seriously.

  • kinco

    You people at this website are a disgrace!!!!! This happened LAST YEAR!!! You don’t have anything NEW to put up on Facebook so you bring up history recycled??? Pathetic!!!!

  • Tequila Party USA

    Don’t worry about an envasion of Texas, if it happens they will meet an organized resistance….Abbot has our backs!…..

  • Glenn Ralston

    This is last years news. Idiot reporter.