BREAKING NEWS!!! Earth’s Twin; Extraterrestrial Life Discovered!


Extraterrestrial ambassador?  Check.  That big spaceship we’ve been working on?  Might need that.  Scientists have found a world not too far off from our own in both distance and habitability.  NASA’s Kepler mission discovered that the planet Gliese 581d in the constellation Libra is not too cold, nor too hot… it’s just right, hence why scientists say it is in the “goldilocks zone” of its star.  Astronomers Steven Vogt and Paul Butler believe there is a 100% chance of there being life on Gliese 581d.

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  • JMM

    You have to have reason to want to explore those options, and mostly they begin with personal hope and feelings to be proven or disproved, otherwise, the efforts become useless or less affective

  • Mark

    Don’t beleive everything you read folks.