Breaking News! Construction Workers Unearth Buried KNIFE At O.J. Simpson’s Old Estate!!!


More than twenty years have passed now since O.J. Simpson got away with the crime of the last century!

Simpson, a former N.F.L. great was accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, and then was acquitted by an all black jury in the most famous television trial in history!

Part of the reason he was aquitted was because they could never find the murder weapon- a knife. However, that might have changed today, as construction workers doing excavation work at the site of his old estate where he lived at the time of the murders have unearthed a buried knife. The construction worker who found the knife immediately took it to a cop on the street and handed it over.

The knife is currently being tested for DNA in a top secret investigation. All of these years later, will O.J. finally get caught with the smoking gun? Or in this case, a smoking knife? Will Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman finally be vindicated?

Simpson is currently serving time in prison for stealing sports memorabilia, much of which had belonged to him at one point, but which he had to sell to cover court costs.

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  • GalfromBrooklyn

    Should be interesting if it can be proven.

  • George Ennis

    if it has their dna on it and any evidence that it belonged to oj simpson, he should go under the jail.