Breaking News…An Angel Has Fallen From Heaven!!!


London: An Angel has fallen from the sky in London. This happened at 1:50pm this afternoon. The angel appears to have wings for arms.

The angel was rushed away right after these pictures were taken by what appeared to be undercover Homeland Security type agents dressed in dark suits with sunglasses.

This occured on the same day that NASA is schudualed to release information on a inhabitable planet that has been discovered. The plant is said to be more than double the size of Earth.

Here are more pictures of the Angel:






(Before It’s News)


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  • tomah57

    What the hell is wrong with you people ! ???????????????/

    • Jacob Francis

      What’s wrong with you?

  • Weldfreek

    That’s no angel, that’s Chicken Man. Be serious…

  • Russell Dyess

    I bet with some ranch dip and hot sauce those wings would be delicious

  • Edward belliveau

    There working for the national enquirer

    • spooninleadstoforkin


      • Jacob Francis

        No one likes a grammer hammer. Seriously guy get a life.

  • Blablablaer

    KFC and a Walmart People hybrid with American brain?

  • underground

    photo shop by the Germans……..

  • james

    I thought Willie was kidding when he wrote and sang, “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground!” Hmmmm…..

  • Paul Keck

    The bible says He made his ministers a flame of fire, and His angels ministering spirits. You cannot see spirits, and whatever is in the spirit world does not die, it’s eternal. The scripture also says, “The very elect would be deceived if it were possible. The reason it is not possible for the elect to be deceived, is because they have read and know their bible and the spirit has given them revelation of the word. The bible also says, the carnal mind cannot receive the things of God for they are foolish to them. The word is revealed by the spirit, not by some carnal theologian!

    • William Motionless Conwell

      the bible also says that god actually cares about what we do in a bedroom a being of celestial intent would not bat an eye at something so small and ultimately insignificant! dont believe a book written by man

  • Natalie

    Angels are immortals and beautiful.
    Whatever is thing is its ugly,old and lifeless.
    That’s not from God.
    Noticed the thang or sharp nail in the wings.Thats not from God
    Work of a demon spirIt

    • Rob Ca

      The wings are chicken wings that have been Photoshopped into the picture.

      Don’t be suckered in by this scam.

    • William Motionless Conwell

      beauty is a matter of perspective

  • Dirty Harry


  • Rob Ca

    This is most likely some poor misguided kook that decided to jump off a building ( Of course w/o the chicken wings.) and some miscreant obviously thought it would be funny to Photoshop chicken wings onto the dead body and call the dead guy an “angel”. In the two different pictures taken from different angles. The wings weren’t even “attached” at the same place in the photos. So the Photoshop job is so poorly done it should be obvious that there is no angel in the pictures however unfortunately there will be at least some that will fall for the con job anyways!

  • candyman49

    LOL, Well thank goodness You found this Angel, because i am Jesus and I have been looking for this missing Angel. Anyone who believes this crap needs to be locked up, LOL

  • ann1lee

    The bible says in the book of Revelation, in the last days there would be signs and wonders. To doubt this is to doubt God and I don’t. Some sound like doubting Thomas in the bible.

    • singingcowboy674

      Mmm…got to disagree. I’m a MINISTER and I don’t believe this crap. It’s a Photoshop pic or a setup. Think about for a minute. An angel is ethereal being. While the CAN take on human form when necessary, they are not “breakable”. They can’t get a broken wing or fall from the sky accidentally. They are not fragile like say a bird. They aren’t even PHYSICAL. They are spiritual beings.

  • Jeff Farrar

    Where are the feathers on the wings?

  • singingcowboy674

    My bad. This is a hyper realistic sculpture by two Chinese artists.

  • Shelley Begley

    Looks like someone plucked his feathers. lol

  • Rebecca Buchanan

    LOL If you are going to make us believe this is the truth why not do some editing? You spelling and grammar are terrible!

  • catschiacrr

    Hoax for sure, wings with a fang nail? This is B.S.!

  • god and angels are not real.

  • AleAle Alejandro

    Definitely not an angle but some one didn’t make it home after Halloween party

  • Shutejute

    Terrifying Hyper-Realistic Sculpture Of A Fallen Angel By Chinese Artist Duo

  • pat

    You suppose he’s going to rid them of the Muslim takeover.

  • maxx1676

    That`s Frank Purdue !

  • Varuka Salt

    It’s an art piece you knuckle dragging morons.