Breaking News! 7 People Shot In Philadelphia Mass Shooting!


Breaking news! Only days after the tragic mass shooting claimed nine lives in a Charleston, South Carolina church, another mass shooting has just taken place in the Northeast! From media outlet

At least seven people, including a two-year-old and eleven-year-old child, were injured in West Philadelphia after a shotgun-wielding attacker fired into a street picnic, local police said. The children were hospitalized in critical condition.

The report comes almost simultaneously with news from a block party in Detroit, where one person was killed and 9 injured in a shooting on the same Saturday evening.

It was not immediately clear why the West Philadelphia shooter targeted the block party on Ogden Street, according to local police.

“It looks like they just randomly fired down the street and hit anyone in their way,”
NBC 10 Philadelphia quoted Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker.

The agency added that a shotgun was used to fire at the victims, which included children.

An 18-month-old girl was rushed to Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital with a neck wound, while another girl, aged 11, was struck in the knee, and a boy, aged 13, took a shot to the shoulder.

Hospitalized in critical condition, the children were all listed as stable, according to the latest update by CBS Philly.

Police later listed the ages of the rest of the victims as 22, 26, 26 and 46. The 26-year-old, a man, was shot multiple times and his condition was unknown.

No arrests have yet been made in connection with the shooting, but investigators believe the gunman was not attending the party at any time during the night.

Police officers described the crime scene as extremely chaotic and a “terrible situation,” with people frantically trying to help the injured baby girl as heavy rain began to pour.

More to come as this news continues to break!



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  • RJ Chesnut Jr.

    Nothing to see here, Move along just more Tribal Violence.

  • RicknKaren Sloan

    Wonder how many lives will be lost when the Just-azz dept starts taking weapons unconstitutionally!

    • They will need clones because a lot of their people will be lost trying to illegally disarm Americans! That is why it is imperative for all civilians to get the names and address of all State and Federal Employees, of every Agency in your area! If they turn on We, the People, then They, Their Families and Their Property is also up for Attack by Patriots! Obama and his Ilk are the Problem and we need to rid our selves to these fecal worms! It will be a great day for America when Obama’s Obituary goes to print!

  • rthomp8363

    Let see, no race or hate crime listed …………….. Tells you something.

  • Dale McGeorge

    To me, this is becoming very suspicious. Manipulated and conjured scare tactics and disasters have been used since the Roman Empire to sway the populace to support a given agenda. It may even precede the Romans. Why, all of a sudden when the Brady group looses their attempt to ban and confiscate guns in court, do we begin with a rash of public shooting. The U.S. citizens are considered to be pretty stupid by our president and Congress not just by Jonathan Gruber. Someone needs to get all of the details before we go off taking guns away from law abiding citizens or banning block parties due to someone from the neighboring block being offended because they weren’t invited!