BREAKING! Newly Hacked Hillary Email Shows Her REAL VP Pick And It Is Terrifying!


Man, the things we’ve been finding out from Hillary’s hacked emails! Hey, tough for her. If she didn’t want us to know her business, she should have kept everything on a secured, Government server (not that those are always safe), instead of storing most of her information on a private server, which, by the way, she had scrubbed just before her FBI investigation was launched.

It’s being reported by MANY media outlets today that one of the hacked emails recovered from her private server reveals her true pick for VP, and it’s more terrifying than we’d thought.

Many people assumed Killary would pick some career politician, like herself, but it appears that she’s doing something even worse. Allegedly, Hillary’s pick for VP candidate is Michelle “The Mooch” Obama!

Can you imagine how much further these two would run American into the ground? ‘Ol Slick Willy basically gave all things American Capitalism away with NAFTA, and Hussein Obama, as we know, has strengthened our true enemy, radical Islamic extremists, more than anyone within their own cult ever could have.

If you didn’t have any better reason to vote for Donald J. Trump before, you do now!

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The Giver

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  • Lol, that would be perfect, the Kenyan Queen & his Tranny, along with the Bimbo of Benghazi and her Serial Rapist Husband! Gee, what could possibly go wrong? But, Praise Jesus, we are going to have a PRESIDENT TRUMP at the Helm! Finally, an American Born Patriot back in the Oval Office, and I have confident, we will see both Hillary & Hussein pay for their Treasonous Crimes against our Nation and We, the People! I fully expect to see both in jail by the end of 2017, as they fully deserve! Death to Tyrants! TRUMP/TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS 2016!