BREAKING: New GOP Candidate To Enter Republican Race


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The Republican establishment has been turned on its head, and is in a major uproar and panic due to Donald Trump’s rise in popularity and the fact that he is by far their party’s leading candidate in this year’s Presidential election.

The biggest problem the establishment has with Trump is that he cannot be bought and paid for like their typical party candidates. The man is a self made deca-Billionaire, and he’s self funding his entire campaign, which means that once he reaches the White House, which he’s well on his way to doing, he will owe NO ONE any favors. He’ll be able to lead from the front, not from the men behind the curtain, and he will be able to do what the American people want, not what his lobbyists want him to do.

Bombshell news has dropped that the Republican establishment is currently in talks with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, in which they are BEGGING her to run for President. It’s not that they think she would actually win, but they believe she would do enough damage to Trump to split the ticket.

You know things are bad when the Republican establishment would rather see a Democrat win the election than Donald Trump, as a Republican.

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  • Vanessa Allison

    If she does she is no better than Hillary!!!

    • Justyn Carbajal

      Condi Rice, NOT Susan Rice.

  • George Ennis

    the same person who went to 5 sunday talk shows after bengazi and spouted the lies of the internet video causing the deaths of 4 americans? is this the same person they are speaking of? if so i dont think she will do to well with the american people, she is a liar just like hillary.

    • Jimmy Arrichiello

      You’re thinking of Susan Rice.

      • George Ennis

        ok like i said if this is same, but thanks for the clarification. will have to look into her then, thanks.

        • Dale Roark

          she is a piano player

    • ftsmd

      Nope. This one was GW’s Secretary of State. But I don’t think she will accept and destroy her reputation.

  • Paula Okeefe

    Condi Rice not Susan Rice. …

    • Fred

      Chicken and rice

  • Patriotic USVeteran1776

    I can’t really say that I am for Trump all the way. However, as a conservative, I will vote for Trump against any DEMONcRAT. Based on the actions of the established republicans, whom I am very disappointed in, I am strongly believing that we need a new “Conservative” Party. It is obviously as bright as day, that we no longer have a republican party for the People, Our Constitution, and America.

  • cascronin

    It’s Trump, or libertarian party, which will assure Hillary, is that what you really want, unless we all go libertarian, essentially wiping out the republican party forever.

  • Marlene Fowler

    All the GOP is doing is keeping the focus off of Hillary, they are wanting the democrats to win. I refuse to Hear anything that comes out of their mouth. It is plain as day, propaganda, any dumb jackals with a brain in their head can see see it for what it is, PROPAGANDA.

  • montanagirl100

    I like C. Rice, but she doesn’t come across strong like Trump, nor does she seem to have the energy! I’m voting for Donald Trump who has withstood all the mockery, criticisms, trashing, bashing, betrayals, and is still solving problems, being resourceful, fighting back and showing his true love for our USA! He is a Land Baron, Feudal Baron and we love Trump here in Montana! We need Trump! Obama signed an Executive Order for all Muslims to own Ranch Lands, Farm Lands without them knowing how to be stewards of the lands anywhere, I think this could be disastrous for our food productions in this country.

  • C Alan McMillon Sr.


  • Dan Stuart

    No, I will not accept the bum’s rush from anyone at this time in the process. Trump, using people like Newt Gingrich shows he will have excellent advisors, maybe Condi would fit in there somewhere.

  • pissedoffnonpothead

    too little too late trump will win NY, NJ, and Ct. and he is polled to take all 172 in California with these 4 states he has over his 1237 delegates! but he is also polled to win several other states as well trump has already won they can do what ever they want its in the bag trump is our next president get over it folks !Cruz on the other hand could win all states left and still not have the 1237 delegates he would need and still would have less delegates than trump! carve it in stone folks its over and trump won big time!!lmao

  • papa doug

    I was wrong about the Republican party. I now believe there are more liberals in it than I first thought and they are trying to destroy the party to hand the win to Hillary.

  • Frank R Yager

    Trump Golf Trump vote 2016.

  • Otter58701

    Yes….after Obama. Put a BLACK WOMAN into the race. Fools!

  • Mike Eaton

    self funding? lmao…mmm not quite…