Breaking! NATO Cloning Jade Helm Drill In Europe To Prepare For Head On Collision With U.S.


Step up, bee-atch! But be prepared to get knocked the EFF out!

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  • Dan

    So…Is any named military exercise around the world is an issue, now? You do realize that these are all pretty standard annual exercises that have either been going on for years and years, or are replacing ones that no longer apply on today’s battlefield, right? The ones they named are simply a show of force because of Russia’s actions in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Estonia, Latvia and Norway are all very justified in being nervous about Putin’s actions.

    Now… as far as Jade Helm… you do realize that’s usually held in Europe right? Our European partners were pitching a fit about US presence in the region, so we shut down a bunch of military bases all across Europe. Jade Helm is usually held in Germany, and is basically the same stuff that those other countries are doing… except with more emphasis on US Special Operations Forces, because it’s a US hosted exercise. They didn’t want to play, so we moved it to the US. Then Putin started pulling this shit and all of a sudden they want us back. These new drills are to replace those usually hosted and run by the US.

    Jade Helm is running the same format it usually does… just in the US because those whiners in Europe didn’t want to play nice. We left, now they’re freaked out cuz we’re not there to protect them from Russia anymore. I say good… give em the big middle finger and let the boys do their training on US soil. It’s cheaper, and we don’t have to put up with their bullshit.