Breaking! National Guard Going Door To Door Confiscating Guns!


Five years ago, “Operation Vigilant Guard” was exposed. It’s an operation set up by the Federal Government to first, disarm all law abiding citizens and then round them up and send them off to internment camps, much like was done to Japanese American citizens during WWII and the Native American Indians once the U.S. Government decided to take ALL the natural resources and land in this great country. So it’s been done before, and alas, it has started again!


Report anything out of the ordinary that you are seeing out there. Blackhawk flyovers, overly large military convoys, especially in strange places. Message us your intel, and we’ll get it out there anonymously. Follow us on Facebook at Operation Jade Helm And Beyond by clicking on this blue sentence!

The Giver

Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
  • E.B.

    I think they are all guessing and causing trouble.

  • Arizona Patriot

    Fearmongering at it’s best

  • Robert Bob Hughes

    i work at the indianapolis international airport,and i myself have seen rather weird stuff happening,in the last month or so we have had numerous visit’s from military aircraft refueling!!! as to the previous year,they were next to never seen!!!

  • Sookari

    I’m been reading this kind of bullshit for years. I read the strong conservative comments and the name libtards thrown about freely. What I never see is comments from conservatives when these things they feel will happen, never happen. Where are your posts of confusion when you realize you’re wrong? I’ll come back next year and see who posted after nothing happened. Conservatives are really just scared of everything and easily frightened by anything. They believe every conspiracy theory because they are like cattle, easily herded into that chute.

    • People don’t realize this kind of shit isn’t happening, and sites like this are preying on the ignorant to spread their lies. That in itself is funny, this site(among others) is doing exactly what they are claiming the president and his ‘cronies’ are doing. I guess this site should be called “Enlightened Kettle.”

  • Donna Cooper

    I thought that the military was suppose to protect us