BREAKING: More Hostages Taken After Obama Pays TERRORISTS $400 MILLION Ransom, Here’s What We Know…

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From our nation’s inception, the U.S. Government has never paid ransom money to terrorists, criminals or other evil-doers. Common sense would let a child know that doing so would only encourage further bad behavior. Everyone with an eye on quick cash out there would start kidnapping Americans for ransom.

No further proof is necessary of this than by looking at the island of Mindanao, the southern most island of the Philippines. The Philippines is not unlike too many other third world shit holes in that the people are ignorant peasants, mostly, who see all white people as money and opportunity, period. On the island of Mindanao, there are several dirty Muslim groups who make their money by kidnapping Western tourists for ransom- hell, many common Filipino peasants who are not part of the Muslim organizations do the same, just for the “easy money.” More than a dozen Westerners are kidnapped on Mindanao each year by dirty Filipino peasants, sometimes dirty Filipino Muslim peasants, seeking ransom. However, Americans are NOT kidnapped, because the dirty Filipino peasants know the American Government does NOT pay ransom.

However, this has all changed. News broke over the weekend that Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President of the U.S., paid $400 million in ransom to Iran for our captured sailors last year, and the very next day, two American professors were kidnapped by dirty Afghan peasants and they are being held for- you guessed it- ransom!

Hussein Obama has made Americans less safe. Now, not only are the Muslim terrorists trying to kill us all for not worshiping their sky daddy their way, but all the third world peasants of the world are going to try to kidnap us to make a quick buck.

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  • michaelpc

    Sounds like Obama wants nukes for Iran, more then they do.