BREAKING! Massive Volcano Eruption Only 32 Miles Away From MAJOR Nuclear Plant!

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Breaking News! A major volcano is erupting right now only 50 kilometers away from a MAJOR nuclear plant! The eruption could spark an ignition at the plant and cause major, worldwide damage of epic proportion!

RT News reports:

Japan’s Sakurajima volcano, situated about 50km from the Sendai nuclear station, has erupted with the country’s meteorological agency issuing an orange warning not to approach it.

Residents in the area were evacuated in August last year after an alert for the volcano was raised to its second highest level. When Sakurajima erupted in 1914, it was Japan’s most powerful of the 20th century. The lava flows filled the strait separating the island from the mainland, turning the area into a peninsula.

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  • Amy Jo Matlock

    Did they at least shut down the Sendai Nuclear Station? Or did they run off so the planet has to deal with another nuclear meltdown?!!!