BREAKING: MAJOR Attorney In DNC Fraud Lawsuit Just Found DEAD…

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Welp, it looks like the long line of dead bodies that are leading toward the White House for Crooked Hillary Clinton just got one body longer!

From media outlet America’s Freedom Fighters:

Now we have another convenient death- an attorney working on the Democratic National Committee fraud case named Shawn Lucas was found dead at his home in his bed.

Pastor Bones at Fury News reports that Lucas was a process attorney working on the DNC fraud case in Florida. There is not much known about his cause of death, but the rumors are that he died in his sleep or committed suicide. However, people who knew him are suspecting something much sinister.

Many who are not connected with Shawn have been speculating on this Reddit thread. Other than a few Facebook and Twitter posts, nothing else can be confirmed about his cause of death. The only verifiable information at this point is that Shawn did in fact leave this world.

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It looks like Hillary has gotten even more brazen since being given a pass recently by the FBI for all of her illegal activities. Next thing you know, she’ll just be pulling out a pistol and shooting protesters at her rallies, and no one will ever question it.

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    All these deaths cannot be a matter of coincidence. There is definitely something sinister about this.

  • Barbara L

    Another on bites the dust. ? 51 or 52 now?

  • Pam Collins

    another dead hillary is so brezent she dosent even hide it anymore she has em knocked off one by one this is the evil thats going to be president no it cant happen this world is doomed if she gets in anyone that crosses her ends up deadshe gotta be stopped