Breaking! Lavoy Finicum’s Body Sent Back To Family In Terrifying Condition!

lavoy shot 9 times

Wow! And we thought he only got shot once or twice! The family of Lavoy Finicum has received his body, and it turns out he was shot far more times than anyone thought, and far more times than even the most anti-Government citizens could have imagined! Many have decried that they “shot him like a dog.” It turns out they shot him as if he were a charging lion!

Lavoy’s daughter posted the following on social media after receiving the body. This absolutely blows my mind!

shot 9 times

So, not only was he shot nine times, according to his daughter, but Finicum was shot with a 9 mm pistol that had been reported as stolen two years ago?

Why would they use a pistol that was allegedly stolen? Was it to cover someone’s tracks? Was this heinous murder planned out in advance? The ambush style in which it was carried out sure does make it look that way.

Jailed rancher Ammon Bundy is pleading from his jail cell for the remaining occupiers to go home, before they lose their lives. His father, however, is urging them to stand their ground, which they all seem intent upon doing at this point.

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