Breaking Jade Helm Update! Veterans Having Guns Confiscated Prior To Jade Helm Drill!

guns confiscated

Folks, slowly and surely, Martial Law is going into effect! Last month, reports circulated that the National Guard was going door to door, confiscating guns. Turns out, it was a training run, but now, pre- Operation Jade Helm, reports are coming in that the confiscations have begun.

Check this anonymous tip out!

guns confiscated

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  • Dyann

    Its a shame when rumour gets broadcast as fact, creating panic and paranoia. Please provide your source material when posting “BREAKING” news.

    • Gayle Herron

      Dyann, you are 100% correct. These conspiracy theorists and paranoid zealots need to go back and take their medication and stop posting their delusions and crazy fears all over the internet because far too many people believe they are facts when there are no ‘facts’ in their rantings and paranoias, and their sources, I’m with you – let’s see those ‘sources’ (which we know is other paranoid conspiracy theorists)

      • Donna

        but what if it isn’t a conspiracy…..what if it is true?

      • Its people that think like you that ar e making jade helm possible..smh

  • Really? If anyone points a gun at me, to take a gun, they gonna get the bullet side of it, the rest will work itself out, from here or heaven.

    • Gayle Herron

      Really, Diana, you’d open fire on a military or police official? Unless you are a nut I highly doubt it.

      • Nonya

        Yes, Gayle, any red blooded American SHOULD open fire on ANY person trying to confiscate their weapons. The reason we’re protected, is not to be protected from criminals but to be protected from “those just doing their jobs.” (that defense didn’t work for the Nazis, and it shouldn’t fly for ANY uniformed American, either.)

      • True America

        Yeah if they point a gun tryin to take my gun damn right the fuck I will…Just like most Americans would…If you’re not fighting for my freedom and fighting just for pure profit that doesn’t exsist in reality then there just another pawn in a Country with a Power Trip…War is evil and the people tryin to protect and spread peace are the ones that get kill

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  • mike spanjer

    remove obama and theow the un out of the USA

  • mike spanjer

    remove obama and throw the un out of the USA

  • Gayle Herron

    OMG, talk about WHO we DO NEED to have weapons confiscated from… the mentally ill and conspiracy theorists (which may be one and the same).

    The one post is correct, get your “facts” straight and document where you get those ‘facts’ because you KNOWINGLY are creating hysteria, paranoia, and spreading unnecessary worry and concern on the American people – at least the ‘sheep’ who believe you because you try to look all professional and official – to which you are neither.

    • Hope they come for you next…i hate anti american agendas..

  • Deborah

    I can imagine that conspiracy theorists will be most happy to be wrong, and those that blow it off will not be so happy to be wrong…bottom line is this, is it not better to be prepared for tyranny than to have to knock on the same neighbor’s door you made fun of should that neighbor have been correct? I can assure you that if my neighbor chastised me for my level of concern and attention to the activities these days, that door would remain shut tight. I urge caution to all until we can all celebrate one way or another.

  • Tracy

    Those trolls that just want to spew their ignorance and hate talk can just follow the golden rule. “If you have nothing nice to say… Say nothing at all”…. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Samuel

    Jade Helm’s secret Hebrew translation is “God’s Hand”.

  • Kurt Keeler

    That “chat” sure convinced me of a vast Governmental/Military take-over of all-everything!!!! Who do I need to go shoot to prevent this from happening? Thanks in advance for your guidance.

    • ltneid

      What’s so amazing is that the door to door confiscation of guns by the national guard is totally ignored by all news media except for an anonymous blogger calling himself the giver.