Breaking Jade Helm Update! Formations Of Nearly 100 C-130’s Performing ‘Supply Relocation’ Exercises


Though the Government remains hush hush on what exactly is going on with Operation Jade Helm, watchful eyes of American citizens, modern day minutemen you might call them, have been keeping tabs on the strange goings on from coast to coast.

Many of the recent reports from concerned citizens deals with strange flight patterns of military aircraft never before witnessed. One citizen informant out of North Carolina, who lives in close proximity to several military bases, such as Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune has reported seeing an increase in ‘flight exercises.’ One, in particular, was just several days ago in which he observed a fleet of C-130’s flying so low that he could see the pilot’s faces. “And when I say fleet, I don’t mean like five or six,” the informant claims. “It was more like fifty or sixty, and they were flying at below 1000 feet to stay off of the radar.”

c 130 1

c 130 4

Our informant says that he asked a reservist he knew in the area what was up and all he was told was that it was a ‘supplies relocation exercise.’

But why, in the sixteen years that he’s lived in the area, has our informant never seen a formation like this before?

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