Breaking Jade Helm Update! Citizen Shot For Inspecting Secret Tunnel Under His Home

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Our slave masters continue to set the stage for what they are calling a ‘military exercise,’ a.k.a. Operation Jade Helm, to be held between July 15 and September 15, but it appears as if the hostilities have already started.

It’s not new news that last week, a number of Walmarts were shutdown on a Monday night, laying off thousands of employees with no notice. It’s been alleged that this is because a secret tunnel system is being built beneath these Walmarts to be used by our slave masters for the purpose of shuttling around, secretly, during Operation Jade Helm.

One man, Buddy Wayne Webb, a Midland, Texas resident, lives only one mile away from one of the Walmarts that were closed. He says that he suspected there were tunnels being build underneath his home, and upon inspection of said tunnels, he ended up being shot, by what he claims were police, patrolling the Walmart and alleged secret tunnel locations.

From Buddy’s Facebook page:

I live a mile from the recently shutdown Midland, TX Wal-Mart and I first reported a suspected tunnel under my home to the El Paso and Midland DEA in Jan ’12. They never looked and I was then shot from ground level two weeks later inside my home. After I get out of the hospital, crippled, my career over, my life ruined and being falsely called crazy, I find pictures on my security camera of a group of police caught sneaking into my home, searching my drawers, stealing evidence and staging the crime scene of this Capital Murder attempt. I have these pictures posted on Facebook but nobody has been arrested.

Here is a video he made of his scanner following the police patrolling the area where he was allegedly shot. He’s missed work and is suffering physically from his gunshot wounds.

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