Breaking! Islamist Slashes Woman With Knife In D.C. Transit Station! Jihad Hits America!


Well, the Jihadists announced that they’d be attacking D.C., even if just with the force of lone wolf Muslim terrorist cells being activated- called to duty to kill in the name of Allah- and alas, it just happened in our nation’s capital!

From media outlet

A man who was shot at Union Station on Saturday night in a confrontation with an off-duty Baltimore County police officer from Maryland was identified Sunday by D.C. police as Rashad Bugg-Bey, 25, of Northeast Washington.

Police said he was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

According to police, a man slashed a woman with a knife about 8:15 p.m. just outside the entrance to the Metro station at Union Station. The victim and the assailant, who still had the knife, went toward the officer, police said.

As the man approached the officer, the officer ordered him to drop the knife, but he did not and was shot. District police said the officer was a Baltimore County officer.

And be sure to read this definition of terms from the same outlet:

The “-Bey” suffix at the end of Rashad Bugg-Bey’s name suggests that he is a member of the Moorish Science Temple, a strange and frequently violent sect of black Americans who identify as Muslims. Members add -Bey or -El to their surnames to signify their new Islamic faith. It appears from this story that Rashad Bugg-Bey may have taken the recent knife intifada among “Palestinians” to heart, believing it a good time to stab some Infidels in Washington.


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