Breaking! ISIS Celebrating Success Of San Bernardino Attack! Obama Should Be Impeached!

isis celebrates attack

ISIS has gone to social media to celebrate the Muslim attack on a disability center in San Bernardino, California which has claimed the lives of 14 and wounded more than a dozen others.

ISIS promised America they’d hit us on our soil after they hit Paris, France only three weeks before. U.S. President Hussein Obama has been globe trotting around the world claiming Global Warming is the world’s biggest threat, and claiming, still, that Islam is a beautiful religion of peace, and any Americans who were not comfortable with his plan of bringing 200,000 Muslims to the U.S., under the guise of “refugees” were simply racist, Islamaphobic, and Xenophobic.

The attacks in San Bernardino, it’s now being discovered, though the media and the police are trying to sugar coat the information, were carried out by “Middle Easterners.” Two have been killed and one, as of this writing, is still alive and is believed to be a Muslim named Farooq Saeed.

san b 2

The translation of the image below means “Three lions made us proud. They are still alive.”

isis celebrates attack

Hussein Obama should be no less than impeached for allowing the Muslim terrorists to hit us on our soil while his main concern is labeling anyone who has been concerned that this would happen a racist.

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