Breaking! In Today’s THIRD Terrorist Attack Gunmen Storm Hotels! 14 Dead! Death Toll Rising!


Today seems to be a busy day for the practitioners of the religion of peace. They are sending pieces of people here and pieces of people there. Hell, they’re sending pieces of people everywhere.

The most recent terrorist attack for today (we’ve already seen one in Turkey, where nearly 30 people are already dead, and two bombs were found on an inbound US flight), happened on the Ivory Coast, where Muslims stormed several hotels frequented by Western tourists and began shooting the place to smithereens. So far, 14 are dead, but the death toll is expected to rise as more bodies will no doubt be found and many of the victims will die from their critical injuries.

Six gunmen are believed to have been responsible for spreading the word of Islam today on the Ivory Coast, and all six have been killed.

There has been warning of a 24 hour attack around the world by the Muslims who support ISIS. Is today that day? Or could it be that the Muslims are trying to do as much damage as they can while U.S. President Hussein Obama is still in office, giving them a free pass and being more concerned with the media speaking out against Islam than he is in protecting innocent people?

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