Breaking! Image Of Bernie Sanders Being Arrested As A Youth Resurfaces! Wait Till You Hear What He Did!

bernie arrested

Bernie Sanders was no stranger to law enforcement when he was a college student. He spent more time protesting the U.S. Government and conservative lifestyles than he did in class.

The image above is of Sanders being arrested at a Chicago protest. He was protesting such social injustices as some people being born different skin colors than others. Some people had larger bank accounts than others. Some people had blue eyes, while others had to suffer with having green, brown or hazel.

Bernie Sanders has spent his lifetime denouncing, in essence, life- claiming none of it is fair- especially the part where you have to pay money for goods and services, such as college educations. And if you’re expected to earn the money these goods and services cost yourself? Well, that’s racist and a social injustice!

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The Giver
Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day.
  • Leon Leonidas

    A lifetime of stupidity and entitlement. He’s disgusting.

    • Stanley Cohen

      True. Well said.

  • Mike Davis

    Still better than Hillary!!

    • Stanley Cohen

      An ape would be better than Hillary.

      • Debbie O’Malley

        I’m not so sure about that. We’ve already got one of those…………

    • Steve Thomas

      How about “none of the above”?? Only a real idiot would vote for either one.

  • Cynthia M Rice

    Where is the ones on Hillary? There should be an arrest made asap! Hillary for Prison!

  • billwhit

    Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders all seem to be from the same bucket of putrid vomit! Each and every one of them need to be rejected in all they attempt! Scum is Scum is Scum, and always will be Scum! Hillary was fired from the Watergate Committee for Lying and having no morals, she is still the same today, lying and no morals! All of them are pure Leftist Sewer Maggots that need to be stepped on and squashed!

  • John Rankin

    The Giver

    Knowledge is power. That, plus experience, leads to wisdom, which trumps education any day. BUT….Some people just stay stupid!