Breaking: Hillary in Panic Mode After WikiLeaks Drops Truthbomb About Murdered DNC Staffer

wikileaks murdered dnc bombshell

Wow! And the plot thickens!

So people are wondering just why a perfectly healthy 27 year old DNC staffer was murdered shortly after it came out that Crooked Hillary “Killary” Clinton rigged the Democratic primary elections.

Killary made sure her personal staffers were taken off her staff, then put into high ranking positions within the DNC so that they could derail Crazy Bernie Sanders’ campaign, thus giving her the nomination. Her troops were successful, but then when it leaked that she’d done this, the man behind the leak, 27 year old Seth Rich, was mysteriously murdered.

Now, it appears, it may be that Rich was a mole for WikiLeaks, and once this knowledge became know to Killary, she had him killed.

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