BREAKING! Hillary Gets DEVASTATING News After Securing The Democratic Nomination!

hillary devestating news

Hillary Clinton has been gloating on her high horse a bit more than usual as of late, after seemingly wrapping up the Democratic party’s nomination for President.

However, the Bernie Sanders campaign has announced some news that should bring her down a notch or three.

Even though Hillary has secured the necessary 2383 delegates to wrap up the nomination, it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings. And this fat lady only sings at the convention.

Bernie Sanders and his staff have made it clear that they will be aggressively courting the party’s super delegates, and the fact is, if they are able to change the minds of some of those delegates, who have formerly supported Hillary, and get them to side with Team Bernie, he could steal the nomination from her at the Convention in Philadelphia, much like some third party dark horse hopes to steal the Republican nomination from Donald Trump.

Sanders’ people and his supporters alike believe that Bernie stands a better chance of defeating Trump than Hillary. They state the obvious, dire hatred of Hillary felt by MOST Americans. Only the truest of socialist communists and victims support Hillary, and they fear she’ll never be able to swing moderates and swing voters.

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