BREAKING! Hillary Caught Breaking EVERY Federal Voting Law In The Books And No One Cares!


Crooked Hillary Clinton just broke every Federal law in regard to elections in the book and no one is even batting an eye!

This election cycle has been one of record breaking. One of the records being broken is the number of people voting early in places where they allow for early voting.

One such place is the small, southern community of Wake County, North Carolina, and while residents were recently voting early in Wake County, Crooked Hillary showed up to campaign at the freaking voting precinct.


It is the law that there will be NO campaigning within fifty feet of any voting precinct, yet Crooked Hillary Clinton believes laws are only for the peasants, not her, and she had this proven to hold true for her when she was cleared by the FBI for all of the felonies she committed that would have ruined the lives of any peasants.

No matter how far the crooked polls claims Crooked Hillary’s ahead, on election day, you MUST go out and vote for Trump!


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