BREAKING! Hell Unleashes Wrath On U.S. East Coast! 6 Dead- Count Rising!

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They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Tell that to the people on the East Coast of the U.S. right now who are experiencing the full wrath of hell’s fury completely out of the blue and with having had little to no advanced warning. They’ll probably tell you they’d trade in what they’re going through for any former, scorned lady friend they’ve ever had.

The small peanut farming community of Waverly, Virginia has been hit hardest by massive cyclone type storms that have blow in from out of nowhere. It’s as if the national weather advisory center completely missed them on their radar or forgot to send out a warning. Sadly, at least three people from the town of Waverly, which boasts a population of only 2,000, have been killed by the storm which is seeing winds of 60 miles an hour uproot trees and demolish structures. The town of Waverly is completely cut off to the outside right now, as downed trees and buildings have blocked all roads. Three people in North Carolina were killed as well as the storm swept across that state before entering neighboring Virginia.

44 year old Waverly resident Timothy Williams told media outlets who were able to contact him from the outside, that when the storm hit, he and a friend were out test driving a new car, and that the storm literally picked the car up off of the ground before setting them back down.

Please pray for the people on the Eastern U.S.

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