Breaking! Fox News Declares Trump New Hampshire Winner!

breaking fox news

Fox News has already reported the winner for the New Hampshire primary elections, at least on the Republican side. Just a short while ago, Fox reported on their website that all precincts had been counted, and that Donald Trump won with 28% of the total vote.

The only problem is, when Fox News reported these results, the election had hardly gotten under way.

From media outlet Politico:

Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary Tuesday — according to a premature Fox News report.

Citing every precinct reporting, Fox News’ website accidentally published election results declaring Trump the winner with 28 percent support and 14 delegates.

“During routine testing in preparation for the New Hampshire primary a malfunction occurred which briefly showed errant data on our website,” Fox News Chief Digital Officer Jeff Misenti said in a statement. “This error has been rectified. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

Should Trump win, do you believe the other candidates will claim that Fox News helped him commit voter fraud, via this “accident?” Or, do you think those sneaky little weasels at Fox News did this to try to hurt Trump, since he has a personal vendetta with their self proclaimed media Goddess Megyn Kelly?

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