Hussein Obama is intent upon staying in office once his reign of terror comes to an end in January of 2017. You see, he never wants his reign to end, and sources claim he is putting together now, all the pieces of the puzzle to implement Martial Law, so that there can be no change of guard in January, especially if November sees a Trump Victory. Some even believe that Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President in U.S. history, will kick off Martial Law before the elections in November.

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Some time back, a concerned American captured the video below, of the U.N. moving troops and equipment into Richmond, Virginia.

Why could this be happening if it’s not to keep Hussein Obama in power?

You’ve been warned!


The Giver

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  • HESpecialist

    Obama is counting on the average American being too stupid to understand what is going on across America with his build up of foreign troops on US Soil. They have no idea as to the level of preparedness he has undertaken over his last 7.75 years to incarcerate and kill US Citizens. The internment camps that have been built, the maximum security facilities that are manned and ready to house rebels and the sheer number of arms, ammunition and supplies that have been stockpiled domestically in advance of an armed revolt of the citizens against Obama.

    He KNOWS if he gives an order to US Commanders that they have the legal obligation to question the validity of the order under the US Constitution and they will NOT “fire on” US Citizens.

    That is why, on July 01, 206, he signed an executive order giving UN Forces the go ahead to “fire on” US Citizens in order to put down any revolt of the citizens against HIS government. The “Blue Helmets” as well as other “foreign” agencies, such as Interpol, are here amongst us.

    Do your research; review ALL of his executive orders; travel the countryside and see these stockpiles and camps for yourselves. Then, ask yourselves “who” are these meant for? They are meant for the American Patriots who still believe in the Constitution and that the people are the masters of the government and not the other way around.