Breaking! First National Guard Unit Deploying To Middle East To Face Off With ISIS


Hussein Obama has yet to deploy ‘boots on the ground’ to face off against his b team, ISIS, but it appears that things might be changing.

CBS Baltimore has reported today that the Maryland Air National Guard has been called up to deploy to the Middle East to fight ISIS as part of ‘Operation Inherent Resolve.’

The details of the deployment, as far as when they’ll go, how many troops will be sent, and where they’ll be located, has not been disclosed due to operational security reasons, but it’s believed the unit will mobilize and deploy within six months.

One of the tactics used in the war on terror, for the U.S. Government to make things appear less serious than they are, has been to use National Guard and Reservist units to do the bulk of the fighting in the Middle East. At the height of the wars, these units made up nearly 80% of all boots on the ground. It’s made fore transitioning back into civilian life especially hard for these soldiers, because their roots are typically planted much deeper in the private sector than active military personnel, and once uprooted, they have proven to be very difficult to replant in the way of regaining lost employment. Family difficulties have often been greater as well, in regard to divorce rate and estrangement from children, because their families typically are not ready to face the realities of a deployment as much as active duty soldier’s families.

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  • why send the National guard..arent they suppose to be here to protect the case of attack?

    • Melanie Schielder

      that was my thought as well, until something else came to mind, getting rid of those in the National Guard so we would be more defenseless here at home when Isis members decide to make a more fuller attack, meaning more then just lone wolf attacks as they have been