Breaking! First Jade Helm Casualties Detained In This FEMA Camp!

First J H Casualties

Civilian sources are proving to be the best eyes and ears we, the American people, have right now in the middle of what may become known as the beginning of the end of our American way of life. Sources who wish to remain anonymous have been watching and listening, and most importantly REPORTING things they are seeing in this so called “exercise” known as Operation Jade Helm.

On of our sources in the Ravenna, Ohio area has reported suspicious military activity coming from Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center. This is merely a National Guard base, but formerly, it was one of the U.S. military’s largest arsenal centers. During the peak of WWII, Camp Ravenna produced most of the ammunition used by the Army.

Why then, in 1992, did munitions capacity at Camp Ravenna cease? Was it merely a facade to portray this once vibrant base as merely a place for weekend warriors to hang out and eat pizza and smoke cigarettes one weekend a month?

Explain then, why in 2010, the base added extensive water and sewage infrastructure. The system went from having no problem housing the 120 or so Guardsmen who showed up one weekend a month, to for some unknown reason, being able to hold hundreds of thousands of people without such problems as dysentery becoming an issue.

Is Camp Ravennna, in Revenna, Ohio, not far from Newton Falls and Windham, Ohio, the first FEMA camp of Operation Jade Helm? Our sources indicate this is a frighteningly real possibility!


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  • CAT

    Did i miss something here? The title and the story doesn’t match up. The story didn’t explain much either. Or didn’t say people were being locked up there. Altho it sounds a little fishy since all of these cut backs are being made with the military to possibly be making a new military base. But it would be nice to have more concrete evidence before making people paranoid. How about you do some further research on this and get back with us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making the government accountable but if i am going to help spread the news of something bad happening i don’t want to look like the little boy that cried wolf. People stop listening after so many bogus stories.

  • Rick

    ” First Jade Helm Casualties Detained In This FEMA Camp”. What “casualties”? All the article talks about is a utility upgrade.

  • LTShepherd

    The United States of America has already encountered a silent, covert, slow-motion, and devious coup d’etat. Yes, you read that correctly, the United States of America has suffered a coup.

    Our Constitution is no longer the supreme “Law of the Land”.

    Don’t think so? Refuse to believe this could happen because the United States of America is so “special”?

    Then may I intensely, yet kindly recommend two YouTube videos that I hope will open your eyes and force you to reconsider your preconceived notions?

    Fair warning, both together will take up about 3 hours of your time. OR, you can choose to watch “Duck Dynasty”, “Honey Boo Boo”, “American Idol”, “The Bachelor” or whatever major league sports program you deem more important if you so choose. (Google: Bread and Circuses)

    Naomi Wolf – The End of America revisited – New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2014 —

    (Her original treatise from 2008 was produced as a documentary film. You can find the entire documentary here:

    Chris Hedges: “Our Only Hope Will Come Through Rebellion” —

    Please Google both Naomi Wolf and Chris Hedges….their bona fides are incredibly impressive….and yet the MSM will rarely publish their reports or even their op-eds.


    Thanks for your attention and patience.

    If you believe that these videos have merit or have made you reassess any of your preconceived notions and are worth every other United States Citizen’s time…



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  • Glenda Long

    America needs to aewaken out of their Obama Trance. We are being led to our demise, to the end of America as we knew her and it happened on our watch.

  • No mailbox how will I know bc I live in low income no gov’t assisted housing our mail is delivered to us & sorted into slots in landlords office lol

  • Patti

    This is why i want to discount all this Jade Helm hysteria….. WHERE IS THE CASUALTY PART??????? you discredit yourself with the title and the info…bogus crap. shape up or people are going to blow you off as an idiot!