Breaking! Federal Agents Going Door To Door Confiscating Guns!

new gun control

Five years ago, “Operation Vigilant Guard” was exposed. It’s an operation set up by the Federal Government to first, disarm all law abiding citizens and then round them up and send them off to internment camps, much like was done to Japanese American citizens during WWII and the Native American Indians once the U.S. Government decided to take ALL the natural resources and land in this great country. So it’s been done before, and alas, it has started again!

UPDATE on 31 December 2015

And if you haven’t heard, a new law has passed in California allowing Federal agents to take away anyone’s guns and keep them for up to 21 days without charges, simply if that person’s family members claim they feel they are ‘unsafe’ with guns. Get ready for a witch hunt with trumped up charges!



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    Gene Eggers: Your correct in guard matters but in 2006, G.W.Bush signed the Posse Comatutis, taking the Guard out of State control. He also ,on the same day signed the Writ Of Habeas Corpus,(sp). I would say Bush was prepping for Martial Law. His father H.W. Bush kept mentioning a New World Was coming and we had to prepare for it. This has been in the works a long time. No matter who we elect, it may still happen. Another thing, Bill Gates has stated publicly many times in front of the Country’s richest at Ted Turner’s parties that the best way to cull the population would be to vaccinate every newborn. Looks like that will happen.

  • Staff Sergeant Timothy Hartman

    This is total BS! As a member of the National Guard I can say that we all swore to uphold the Constitution and to follow the Governor of our State, which does Not include following unlawful orders! Never heard or anything remotely close to this happening!

    • gandaalf

      Mr (I won’t call him President) Obama also swore to uphold and defend the constitution. He’s not doing a good job of that, is he?