Breaking Evidence! THIS Is What Co-Workers Did To Shooters To Push Them Over The Edge!

shooters coworkers

More and more information is coming out as to why the San Bernardino shooters went on a killing spree, murdering 14 people and injuring 20 others. Those among us who call a spade a spade already know the answer. It’s because they were devout Muslims, and their holy book, the Quran, preaches that you are either a Muslim or an infidel, and infidels must either convert or die.

However, the FBI, under the direct orders of U.S. President Hussein Obama, America’s first Muslim President, will NOT be calling this spade a spade. Islam’s war against the West cannot be won if the secret’s out of the bag- that secret being there is no secret, it’s just that most Westerners, especially Americans, have become brainwashed sheep due to the concept of political correctness.

So, what is Hussein Obama and the FBI trying to pin this on? Just like the Fort Hood shooting a few years back, when a devout Muslim simply followed the teachings of Islam and killed 14 innocent people at that Army installation, Hussein Obama is blaming this on “work place violence.”

So, if this is to be the case, what is it that the San Bernardino shooters’ co-workers did to them to make them angry enough to kill them?

According to Mad World News, they threw them a baby shower!

That’s right! Six months before the shooters’ baby was born, one of their co-workers took it upon themselves to throw the expecting couple a baby shower to show them their appreciation for them.

So, there you have it folks. Proof that “work place violence” simply is NOT going to work in this case. This was merely  a case of two devout Muslims doing exactly what the Quran instructs devout Muslims to do; kill non-Muslims!

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  • Eye Spy

    website is absolutely bonkers. its designed to bring about a race war. It is
    leading American’s up cuckoo street down into Amerika. Downright lies are
    propagated here. Listen the 1 per cent who are manipulating world events from
    9/11 to Paris to san berninho are not Muslims. They are mainly Zio*ists and the
    rest are Christians with a few Ayrabs thrown in. It is said to be a club of
    300. Billionaires have no national boundaries except the Zio*ists ones and the
    rest will make use of the Zio*ists nation state if they have to.

    They got
    you going after the wrong people. Bin Laden did not do 9/11 no matter how much
    westerners want to weave the stories they do. Everyone knows 9/11 was a false
    flag. It was such NOT a secret prior to Sept 2011, that if one researches
    around a lot of signs were left lying around…..people even hinted at the event
    in fiction books written pre 9/11. Alex Jones was in the know that’s why he
    could predict something was going to happen; he was being set up as a
    gatekeeper to lead you into the Saudi angle. As it happened the same people in
    the know are scrambling around trying to disprove intelligent facts. Secondly
    Saudi Arabia is not allowed any near the bowels of US power. That is reserved
    for Mossad. The Arabs found they had been played the morning after 9/11….set
    up like patsies….Pakistani Intelligence officer gives Atta 100k when he
    thought he was paying for a Indian asset who was going to blow up something in
    the US and get caught doing so. Remember passports that survived what steel and
    concrete could not….come on people,,,check what you are being lied into.

    They even
    got a site to debunk the truth of 9/11 but careful perusal shows that again
    they are relying on a bunch of made up stories to debunk the correct theory.

    following link takes you to a site i am about to dissect as i just goggled 9/11
    passports and clicked on the link but it appears to be objective

    If you are
    happy to be manipulated then carry on drinking the coolaid that is being poured
    down your throats.