BREAKING! Devastating Secret Comes Out From Obama’s Past! This Could Destroy Him!

obama slave 1

Hussein Obama marked the 150’th anniversary of the end of slavery and involuntary indentured servitude this week with another of his race baiting, divisive speeches.

obama slave 2

He left out a very important fact about his ancestral history, however. It turns out that Hussein Obama’s ancestors were never slaves, however, his ancestors did, in fact, own slaves.

The Gateway Pundit reports, by way of Mr. Conservative:

obama slave 3

Just another example of Hussein Obama trying to rewrite history the way he wants it to be portrayed, not how it actually was, based upon the facts.

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  • Not surprising! Obama uses Blacks as his lapdogs, having the same skin color, he knows they will follow him in whatever he does and all he has to do is offer them a Freebie for their loyalty. Democrats were the slave owners and wanted to keep them in slavery, and today they keep Blacks on the Democratic Voting Plantation by buying their Votes with Taxpayer funded Freebies, which needs to stop! Only those in true need should be helped, the disabled and elderly. If a person is able bodied, they need only to be helped a short time, not forever, like the Democrats want! Obama never lived the life of an American Black, never lived in a ghetto, never went without, always was handed everything his entire pathetic worthless life! He never held a job in his entire life, except for serving dips of ice cream as a teenager, the rest of the time he has only lived off Taxpayer money, he is the Leech of Leeches, and still no Legal Birth Certificate has ever been found on Obama, or a Legal Social Security Number! The Kenyan is a Fake and President Trump’s DOJ is going to hang this Tyrant! I can’t wait!