Breaking! Deadly Virus Outbreak In U.S. South. Heading North!


The first case of the deadly West Nile virus has been confirmed for 2015 in… guess where?


Last year, six Texans died from the potentially deadly virus, but it’s taken nearly half a year for the first case to be confirmed for 2015. The individual who contracted the disease lives in Harris Country, Texas, part of Operation Jade Helm 15’s ‘hostile territory.’

The virus is difficult to self-diagnosis, because it has common flu-like symptoms; headache, muscle ache, fever and nausea. If you have these symptoms and they persist, do not hesitate to get medical help.

The question is, did this case of West Nile infection happen under natural conditions? Or is this virus being planted by either the powers of good or the powers of evil, as a form of biological warfare? Is it the police state against the people? Or is it ISIS? Or is it mother nature?

No one can really be sure, with everything that’s going on in Texas, where all three of the above named suspects have been reeking havoc as of late.

Report anything out of the ordinary that you are seeing out there. Blackhawk flyovers, overly large military convoys, especially in strange places. Message us your intel, and we’ll get it out there anonymously.

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