BREAKING: Deadly Biological Outbreak in Memphis, Traced to 1 Chilling Source

deadly outbreak

Rampant cases of measles have been breaking out in the Memphis, Tennessee area over the last month, and there is one glaringly specific reason why, and it can all be traced back to yet another Hussein Obama leadership decision that put his Muslim Brotherhood friends and family first, not the American people!

Muslims who have come to the U.S. under the refugee resettlement program Hussein Obama forced upon the American people, against their will, and who have recently settled in Memphis, Tennessee have brought with them such formerly eradicated diseases (in the U.S., at least), as measles, and now measles is spreading all over Memphis!

You see, before anyone can enter the U.S. from a third world country, they are required to go through a series of vaccinations so as not to bring the filth back into the U.S. that we’ve spent generations on eradicating. However, Hussein Obama chose to give special privileges to his Muslim brethren, and waived their vaccination process, hence allowing them to bring in measles, and God knows what else we’ll find out about next.

When migrants from other countries who are entering the U.S. legally, be it from third world dumps like Mexico or the Philippines are being vetted, going through the proper vaccination process literally takes sometimes between six months to one year, mostly because of the incompetence of the third world peasants working in their Government’s agencies, who require large bribes from those trying to leave third world hell, to simply process all the paperwork the way it’s supposed to be processed, making the process stretch from what should be 72 hours, up to one year. Hussein Obama basically said it was more important for a bunch of third world Muslims with no education, work skills, or desire to do much of anything other than flea their homeland rather than fight for it, are more important than migrants actually attempting to come here legally, and he put them at the very front of the line, and now Americans are suffering yet again by contracting measles!

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  • alli

    Why isn’t a physical examination part of the process? Just one more thing BO has chosen to ignore and hurt the American people in his plan.

  • desperaddo

    SCREW THESE PHONY Rapefugees!!