Breaking! Dam Fails- Flood Washes Away Toddler- Engulfs ENTIRE Town! Prayers Needed!

richwood flood 1

An entire town deep in the heart of Appalachia sits underwater, and a four year old boy has been swept away, and thus far, not found.

The small timber town of Richwood, West Virginia has been devastated by record flooding. Just two days after a rare tornado swept through the area, causing major tree damage in the nearby Monongahela National Forest, torrential rains have come through, causing the water levels of the Summit Lake, which sits on a mountain about ten miles out of town to breach the damn. Original stories said the dam broke, but more recent reports claim the damn is intact and it was merely breached.

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The town of roughly 1,000 sits in the heart of Nicholas County, in central West Virginia and it has been evacuated.

The town has been hard hit economically since the time of technology replacing man power in the coal fields (roughly, 1970’s) and saw another massive economic hit in the 90’s due to technology rendering most of the town’s commerce obsolete and a major highway being completed on the opposite end of the county.

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Much of the town may never be rebuilt, due to a lack of resources and need, but we should all be praying for the people of Richwood, West Virginia at this time, and hope that their spirits can endure this massive hardship.

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