Breaking! Christmas Eve Terrorist Attack On Disney Land Just Thwarted By Homeland Security?


There are two sides to every story, this one has the British side and the American side.

First, the British side.  A large British family of 11 had been saving their money for a family trip to Disneyland for Christmas.  But just as they were getting ready to board the plane that would bring them to America, the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t allow them to board.  Screams of profiling, Islamophobia and racism could be heard from  across the pond!

Now, the American side of the story.  The “family” traveling to Disneyland consisted of two brothers and nine children, ages 8 to 19 years old.  The mothers, it is said, stayed home because one was sick and the other had a child with no passport.  All family members have the name Mahmood and all have an address in Waltham Forest, a borough in England known for being a hotbed of extremism.

And then there are a few, other minor details.  A Facebook page connected to their address contained extremist material sympathizing with Al Qaeda and one brother was detained in Tel Aviv for eight days before being thrown out of Israel.

Which side do you believe?

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