BREAKING: Bombshell New Video Exposes Hillary’s Link To KKK – It’s OVER For Her

hillary's link to KKK

Hillary sure wishes she could have kept this video hidden, but as is the nature of the internet, you can’t hide anything once it’s been posted.

Former West Virginia life long career politician U.S. Senator, Robert C. Byrd, was once the leader of the local KKK group in West “By God” Virginia. After leaving the racist group, he took over power of West Virginia and kept them a welfare state for three generations before dying.

Byrd cleverly convinced the people of the mountain state that they were victims and deserved as much Government pork as he could get them, and he got them quite a bit of it. Oh, they appreciate it. Take a drive through there some time and see how every bridge, road, school and building is named after him.

Here, we see Hillary talking about how great this former Clansman was and how tragic it was when he passed.

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