Breaking Bombshell! Boehner Resigns Because He Was Molesting Children With Dennis Hastert?

bohner with hastert

News today from the Associated Press:

A possible plea deal is being discussed for former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who is accused of skirting federal banking laws in an attempt to pay someone $3.5 million to hide claims of past misconduct, prosecutors and defense attorneys told a federal judge Monday.

A lot of talk has been made of “Association A” in the Hastert case, and many believe it is the person that he either molested when they were a child, attending a high school outside of Chicago where Hastert taught and coached wrestling in the 1970’s, or someone with very intimate details about the molestation. Hastert has not been charged with any sex crimes, yet, and the focus of his legal woes has been how he made numerous bank withdrawals for just under $10k to avoid the bank’s reporting the withdrawals to the IRS and then lying about the reason for the withdrawals when questioned by the FBI. He claimed he “didn’t trust banks,” but the boys in blue weren’t buying it.

Also from the Associated Press:

During a hearing in July, Hastert’s lead attorney, Thomas C. Green, noted that the media reports about Hastert’s alleged past sexual misconduct were the “800-pound gorilla” in the case. Green said he wasn’t sure how or whether to address those allegations as he prepared for trial.

Now, in shocking revelations, many people are asking if Speaker John Boehner’s sudden resignation from Congress last week may actually have something to do with his knowledge of Hastert’s sexual misconduct from decades ago, or even worse, if he was part of the action.

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