Breaking! BLM Thugs Go On “Retaliatory Attack” In Baltimore! Shoot 8!

Forensic scientists at crime scene

It seems that near weekly now, ghetto thug criminals in some city in the U.S. go on a rioting spree when one of their own, who shouldn’t have been roaming the streets freely, anyway, is removed from society, permanently, for doing something stupid- oh, say, like pointing a gun at a cop?

Baltimore has become one of America’s most notorious cities when it comes to ghetto thug criminals, after a ghetto thug criminal named Freddie Gray died while in custody of police nearly two years ago. The overzealous prosecutor involved with the case, a black woman, pushed for the indictment of all of the officers involved, and after ruining their careers and tarnishing their reputations, painting them all out to be racists, every last one of them was found innocent.

Last night, while most of us slept, three ghetto thug criminals decided to go on a shooting spree, to show just how much Black Lives Matter more than everyone else’s. Eight people were shot before the ghetto thug criminals had had their fill, including a three year old little girl. A father and daughter couple were also gunned down.

Amazingly, no one died from their gunshot wounds, as of yet, and police are saying the shootings were tied to another shooting that took place over the most recent Labor Day weekend.

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