Breaking! Billionaire Hot Shot Entering Presidential Race To Spoil Trump’s Chances And Hand Hillary The Win!


We all know that big news cannot be kept secret in our society. Especially with social media and the fact that few people cannot simply keep their mouths shut anymore. Everyone wants to leak the next hot story to get their 30 seconds of fame. It used to be five minutes, but the attention spans of modern Americans has been greatly reduced in our “entertain me in thirty seconds or less” age.

One such informant has just leaked some HUGE news! It seems that former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is going to throw his hat into the Presidential race ring as an independent as early as May. Socialist billionaire George Soros has been pressuring his friend, Bloomberg, into running for quite some time, because he fears that Donald Trump might actually win. By getting Bloomberg in the race, Soros is sure to split the card, giving Hillary an easy win.

Like most leftists, Soros fears Trump’s bombastic stance against peasants- be they illegal immigrants, American born and bread dead-beats, or all those lilly footed light in their slippers males, who are far from men, who want safe zones everywhere because words do hurt.

The rabble has come to make up the largest voting block for the liberal agenda of Soros and others among the world elite, who want to continue to dominate the economic system by ‘giving the peasants their circus.’ Trump believes everyone should pay for admission, so Soros is doing his best to make sure he does NOT enter the White House.

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  • Pat Fox

    that will be a big waste of money, no body likes bloomberg !!! he’s a has been from another era !!! a dinosaur out in pasture, the people know better !!!

    • terri monroe

      So should Hillary accept she should be wearing orange

  • Linda Cote DeBoe

    Be smarter than the old politics, stick to a winner like trump. He can shake up all these money backed phonies like Blumberg. Let them waste their money!

  • Paul

    George Soros is a very dangerous man. I don’t trust him in this thing against Trump.

    • Rob Ca

      Soros has already acted as a Nazi stooge by collecting the belongings of the Jews being loaded up to head to the Nazi concentration camps and when he was interviewed about that said that was the best time of his life.

  • Diana Reichardt


  • Rob Ca

    I doubt Bloomberg could find a way to significantly cut into Trump’s voters that he has solidified by now and IF Trump seals the R nomination . Bloomberg being a Leftist would most likely take votes from the Dim nominee running against Trump no matter who the Dim nominee was . Thus Bloomberg running would most likely insuring the WH for Trump ( Or any other R nominee if Trump didn’t win the nomination.) even though Trump is more of a moderate than a Conservative.
    What platform could Bloomberg possibly run on that would resonate with the disaffected Blacks, Dems, moderates or slightly Right of Center Republicans that would steal votes from Trump?
    Certainly his gun grab platform won’t resonate at with any Americans of any Political party that fear ISIS is making inroads into the USA however that gun grab platform will w/o a doubt steal votes from either HilLiar or Sanders.
    In that sense Bloomberg would be the equivalent of a Leftist Ross Perot against the Dim nominee stealing more than enough Dem votes to insure the Republican win.

    • Frances Evans

      sugary drinks and 32 oz bottles of pop and I think that’s ALL I GOT hes a douche

  • Gloria Johnson

    The headline here is old and there is just speculation about Bloomberg and has nothing to do with Killary or Trump. I noticed how these ads hit the headlines really hard right before the debates and especially the caucus no one is concerned about bloomberg rumors and no body likes him he is old and over the hill Trump is the real winner and does not take gruff from anyone he is bold strong and experienced and smart

  • ValleyCounty

    Will NOT hurt Trump one bit —- Bloomberg is a Demoncrat and all his votes will come off the Bernie Sanders ticket.

  • Thom*

    The American people may be naive but we’re not stupid. Nobody gives a dime about what Bloomberg does but Bloomberg and a few NYC idiots


    no one that owns a gun will vote for him and the ones that will are Liberals that would take away from Hillary and besides I think Hillary is going to be facing a much different problem with ail server and a little crime called Treason.

  • Eric Scott

    Hillary got squashed tonight…

  • Mike Youknowwho

    If Bloomberg, the leftist control freak, takes votes from anyone it will be Hillary or Comrade Bernie, not Trump.

  • [email protected]

    Given Berg’s stance on guns, sugary drinks and thinking he knows best for everyone Bloomberg doesn’t have a chance in hell!!!

  • Unkie Numbnuts

    Ex NYC Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is in bed doing business with Muslims. That’s how he is connected to Common Core sold by Muslims.

  • Jerone A. Bowers

    Sorry I prefer to think for myself. Always works out better.

  • Grant Ayjian

    wow, they are talking how great he is, but remember you can’t by a 15 oz soda, but you can now legally pee on the streets, now that is a great leader. He also tried to destroy virginias guns laws and lost.

  • AZWarrior

    He’ll take Dem votes. Not GOP

  • enubus

    Michael Bloomberg is no hot shot, and if he is friends with Soros the war criminal we know just what Bloomberg is!


    Democrat scare threats don’t stand up when real America’s walk into the voting booth. We enjoy shoving them up their domain. Yeah, it’s that dark place.

  • Carol

    This is showing us regular people how these people with tons of money are trying to buy our election of our next President. This is exactly what we the people are trying to do away with. When will these idiots realize we don’t want them to further drive our country into the ground. Like they say “Money can’t buy me Love”. I for one don’t want to live my life under somebodies thumb. I want to keep my freedom so for me it’s Trump 2016.

  • dasbunker

    What conservative would ever think of voting for this communist piece of shit ?
    Much more of a threat to the Sea witch.

  • Kristym

    Bloomberg? Jerkoff. Waste of time and space.

  • John Walker

    Love to see him waste his money, to bad the loser media outlets will get it….