(Watch) Breaking!! Another, Indisputable Sign from Heaven, Just When We Need It The Most!!


People who believe in angels won’t be surprised with this very distinct angel cloud that appeared in the sky over central Illinois Friday night.  WQAD8 Quad Cities is reporting that Lola Dennis, of East Galesburg IL, took this spectacular photo of an angel as she was driving to her family’s campsite in Victoria IL about 7 p.m. Friday night.  Says Ms. Dennis:

“I know there are angels always with us but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”


The distinct shape in the cloud caught her attention and she took a few photos.  After arriving at the campsite, she spoke with two additional people who also saw this angel.  Just when our world seems to be falling apart. a beautiful message of hope arrives from Heaven.

To see more messages of hope brought by the angels watch the following video.

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