Update!! “Active Shooter Reported At Naval Medical Center San Diego”!!


An active shooter and three gunshots were reported at the U.S. Naval Medical Center in San Diego on Tuesday, triggering a heavy law enforcement response.

Officials later said there was no sign of a shooting and no reports of deaths or injuries.

“There’s no evidence of a shooting right now that we know of, there was just a report of three shots heard,” said Navy Region Southwest spokeswoman Amanda Chavez.

The U.S. Navy had said in an earlier statement, based on initial reports from a witness, that three shots were heard in the basement of a building housing a gym and barracks at the medical center around 8 a.m. PST (1600 GMT).

Military police were talking to the person who reported the shots fired, Chavez said.

First responders and Navy working dog units were on scene clearing the building where the shots were heard, the Navy statement said, adding that the medical center was on lockdown and a shelter-in-place order had been given.

Workers from the building were seen coming out in a single-file line with their hands raised in the air, as heavily armed police maintained a perimeter around the site.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department sent an armored van and a roughly 12-officer SWAT team to assist military police in clearing the building, said sheriff’s spokeswoman Jan Caldwell.

Navy Captain Curt Jones, asked about the status of the situation, said, “I would say we’re pursuing the information we have and ensuring that everyone is safe.”


An active shooter was reported at the Naval Medical Center San Diego on Tuesday, according to a post on the medical center’s Facebook page.

San Diego police spokesman Officer Travis Easter said police had received a report of a shooter from officials at the medical center, but that they had not requested any assistance and so no officer had been sent to the scene.

The post on the medical center’s Facebook page advised occupants to run, hide or fight, which under federal government guidelines is a valid tactical response to an active shooter.

All non-emergency response staff were asked to stay away from the compound. The shooter was reported in building #26, the post said.

A representative for the medical center could not immediately be reached for comment.

Schools in the area, which is home to the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet, have been placed on lockdown, according to local television station Fox 5.

Sources told the station that people at the medical center were sheltering in place.

No other details are available at this time.  Our thoughts and prayers for the safety of all at the medical center

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Source 2-Reuters