BREAKING! 5 Dead 2 Wounded In “Gun Free Zone” School Shooting!


Tragedy struck from out of nowhere today, and a deranged criminal has gone on a shooting spree which so far, has left five people dead and two people seriously wounded. The gunman has been arrested and pertinent information will be given as the facts come out.

The incident happened at First Nation school in Saskatchewan, Canada. Not only is the school a gun free zone, but Canada is a gun free country, so one must ask, where and how did this madman acquire a gun? Next to England, Canada has the most strict gun control laws in the West? Aren’t school shootings like this supposed to be prevented when you outlaw guns? What happened, Canada?

Actually, law enforcement in Canada tried to hide the fact that the incident was a “shooting,” but when local media outlets arrived on the scene, they blew the truth into the open, and now the Nation of Canada is stunned, because banning guns is supposed to make crimes committed with the use of guns disappear.


criminals gun laws

This incident is sad, indeed, and our prayers and thoughts go out to all the people of Canada, but we must always remember that only law abiding citizens obey the law. Criminals do not. All we do by outlawing guns and setting up gun free zones is make it easier for the criminals to pick us off like sitting ducks.

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  • Mike Davis

    Hand guns are banned in Canada Not long guns. Hunting rifles and shotguns that are not semi auto are allowed but must be registered. Much stricter than US except NY which has just about the same rules. Like most commie socialist countries.