BREAKING: 35,000 Welfare Peasants In This State Wake Up To BRUTAL Surprise…

welfare peasants

One state just passed a HUGE requirement for welfare peasants to keep some of their benefits.

Knowing that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides free food for tens of thousands of its residents was being badly abused and draining the state coffers of much needed elsewhere money, the state of Alabama passed a law at the beginning of the year requiring those who receive SNAP benefits to work at least 20 hours a week to keep those benefits. Half way through the year, it’s been found that 35,000 peasants in the state of Alabama lost their aid, because they simply refused to get part time jobs and work 20 hours per week.

The state of Alabama is now saving $6 million dollars by not paying these peasants these benefits, but unfortunately, the peasants who have gotten part time jobs are severely damaging the economy through the services sector.

What do we mean?

It’s simple.

Think about the last time you ate out at one of the glorified fast food chains, like Applebee’s or T.G.I.F. What kind of service did you receive?

While many working in the service sector are young, motivated college students, putting themselves through school, an alarming rate of welfare peasants have entered the service sector to fulfill their 20 hours a week part time employment requirements to continue to receive their “free money” and it is taking its toll. If you recent experiencing dining out has been anything like mine, you’re no doubt running into these people whose attitudes clearly show they do NOT want to be there waiting on you, and that they are only doing so because they have to.


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  • kaye

    well good for Alabama but willing to bet when obamo finds out they will threaten to cut off funds to the state

  • mary

    I feel that cutting off food stamps will do little good, cut out the cash. Some people for whatever reason can’t work or can’t find work, taking away food should not be the first step. Also they probably didn’t save much since they are now supporting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and refugees giving them food, housing and healthcare for free – I wonder if the poor realized that their benefits would be cut also. They should consider that come november – there is only so much money to go around.