Breaking! 206 MILLION! White Americans Plan World’s Largest Protest For Injustice! This Is How To Join!

white people protest

206 Million white Americans will be participating in the largest protest to ever hit the earth! Such concerns to those involved with the protest include the recent shootings of two media personnel on life television, where a disgruntled gay black man took his anger our on two innocent people, claiming that their race was responsible for his “injustices.” There has been a recent slew of attacks on white cops by mentally ill blacks who felt the same.

Update: And now, an unarmed white protester has been shot and killed in the Oregon rancher’s standoff!

What these 206 million Americans will no doubt agree on is that life isn’t fair. The world is full of injustice, and it is not right. However, they also believe in personal responsibility and in taking care of their own. Most realize that burning down their cities or taking out their retribution on innocent people who had no choice in their ethnicity is asinine and useless.

According to the most recent census, there are 322 million people in America. Roughly 64% of them, or 206 million of them are white Americans who are gainfully employed. To protest the injustices that are taking place in America, if not the world, and in keeping in line with taking care of their own, these protesters will be getting up tomorrow and going to work.

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  • stan


    • julianbrachfeld

      Respectfully disagree…. he, and many others in DC belong in the gallows.

      • Ric Holland

        Nope, hanging below it.

        • julianbrachfeld

          That was the inference

          • James Farthing

            you better wake up

          • Sherry Davis

            Julianbrachfeld is awake… his comment to respectfully disagree…. he means not only Obama but others in DC need to be held accountable …. and Prison is not a harsh enough punishment…. he wants them in the Gallows which means HUNG…. So hang them all that are corrupt and have done unlawful things not just Obama….. so I think they are more than awake…. Hillary, Obama, Biden, their aids, and whoever else is in on all the wrong doing should all be Hanging from the Gallows.

          • yakimaal

            Invest in hemp, and not for the smoking!

      • Sheryl Denny


      • LeeP

        I would prefer to see Obama swinging from a noose by his neck underneath the George Washington bridge; his body left there to decompose, and feed the crabs below.

        • LeeP

          And Hitlery a couple of months later; followed by Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, Bubba Clinton. ….. ONE at a time….

    • ThomasER916

      Jail is worthless. Lenin was jailed and nothing happened. Stalin was jailed and nothing happened.

      Those in charge and their financiers need to be executed to the last, along with their entire family. Not a single one that betrayed our people should remain. Every last one wiped out forever and the demographics reset to 1776.

      • rh

        Wow. I think you went too far with their families. Think.about it for a minute and you will change your mind

        • LeeP

          I won’t.

  • EricndLisa Gandy

    I wish white America would come together and voice their outrage with the black community! The knockout game,killing innocent whites,and hurting whites for what reason? Because they’re black? Gonna mesa with a sleeping tiger if they keep killing whites!

    • Rachel S.

      Our people cannot say a damn thing or do anything, because of the color of our skin…we are racists because we are white. :-(

      • Fred Jones

        Being silent is what the left wants people to do. Silence is acceptance…. No way will I ever be afraid or ashamed to speak the truth. Were in this mess because of the White Neutered Liberals have let these blacks get to far out of hand. Trump please barry political correctness. FBI STATISTICS AND FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELF.

    • Mike Eaton

      unfortunately many of those “White Americans” are democrats…and they’d never leave the “farm” and protest what’s going on because it furthers there agenda of more government, tax the rich, make excuses for everything mentality.

      • Gee Pucc

        i dont mean to sound cold/sarcastic but, some of these on the farm ppl WILL NOT HEAR WHAT U SAY UNTILL SOMETHING TRAGIC HAPPENS(like5copskilled)in DALLAS

        • Mike Eaton

          sadly you’re right..and what have the liberal mouthpieces done..they’ve doubled down on the rhetoric.

      • Barbara Kemp


    • Not Amused

      “White America” and “Black Community”

      Perhaps you should try and become educated in those 2 terms before you speak up again on behalf of any group who identifies only by the color of their skin.

      • Jerry Holloway

        You can’t talk about black people now

        • MARYANN33

          We seem to be talking about them.

      • James

        They divided themselves. Woe is me is their cry.

    • Larry Hanson

      Well said! Japan made the same mistake back in the 40’s, and look what that got them! Keep up your racist violent acts against the whites, you ignorant blacks, and see what happens to those who mess with true patriots! We’ve tolerated your crap this long ONLY because we are trying to be good Christians and “Love our neighbors as we love ourselves,”…but we will be pushed only so far. You don’t want to tug on the tail of THIS Tiger too many times,…buhlee dat!

  • John

    I’M IN !!!!!!!!!

    • Bennett

      This is the most stupid thing i have ever read. This country belong to no one culture of people. There are good and bad in every culture so suck it up nd get use to it. Yes i m a Black man, and damed proud it. But i dont force that on anyone. Everyone should be proud of who they are and if you aren’t then you need to look within. Black have been treated worse than any other culture in the history of this country next to the American Indians, yet i will not take up arms against my white brothers, Latin brothers nor any other unless they threaten my family or country. You all are stupidly blind. Every country in the world is just waiting for such stupidity on our be halves to come in and blow us off the map but you are so stuck on this idiotic racial crap to realize that this type of thinking will be our downfall. When you are in the trenches in Iraq Iran or even back in Vietnam, did you cre the color of the skin fighting beside you or the fct that your life was in his hands. Grow up America, why are you all acting so childish???? You are not killers nor murders or you woukd have already done it without having to band together to act so cowardly. Violence breeds nothing but violence nd this will be the ruin of us all. What will it take? Rather it be my blood shed or yours, what will we accomplish and what are we teaching our children????? That its ok to go out and kill someone because you dont agree them or like the way they look. Isn’t tht the same type of bullying we are trying to stop in schools aleady. Grow up people, we are all in this together and if you dont like it and wish to take up arms then volunteer for the army.WE DONT NEED YOU ON THIS SOIL…….. WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and dang it if you dont like it LEAVE.

      • Frances Evans

        amen this is a time to unite all skin colors their are some very bad people out there of all colors that want to pit us against each other, and I am not going to give in to their ploys or plans, we need to stand together and take out the bad apples

        • tbrec63387

          It’s been time to unite for the past 50 years. So why hasn’t it? I’m gonna be honest with you, from my point of view of the past 50 years, it’s not been whites who have not tried to make it happen. Million man march was for who and why? Blacks struggle with progress in schools and employment because of whites yet completely ignore so called black leaders like Jessie Jackson who have done NOTHING but grandstand. But God forbid whites call them out and we’re racist. Frances, please know that my rant was not directed to you.

      • jamie1973

        THIS… Is the point everyone is missing. And it has been engineered just that way by our government and media, so we are distracted by the idiocy, and they can go about their agenda. We will all unite, but Im afraid it will be too late. This nation and the world has been so programmed to stupid, that not enough see. Now we all will suffer for this. Also, to say you are a black man, and “damned proud of it” is in fact part of the whole racial divide. It doesnt matter what color your skin is! WTF is it gonna take to get it through everyone’s heads? WE ARE AMERICANS AND THEY INTEND TO TAKE THAT AWAY, ALONG WITH THE GREATER NUMBER OF OUR LIVES! WAKE UP… IT IS NOT ABOUT ANYTHING THEY ARE TELLING US IT IS. EVERY PROBLEM HAS BEEN CREATED BY THESE ELITES TO “OWN” ALL OF US.

        • Bennett

          Jamie1973. Please don’t get me wrong about me say i am. Black man and damed proud of it, yes i am very proud of it, we all should be proud of our culture but we do not have to push our pride on to other people no one should have to be ashamed or hold their head down because the color of their skin that is what I mean by I am a proud black man that does not say then I am against you being proud or anyone else but we must not allow the colors of our skin dictate how we are treated we are all God’s creation and God has never created any junk trash or any of that as a people we must unite if we want to continue to grow real powerful country have a safe place for our children live without fear be able to go to the grocery store without having to worry about getting robbed mug or shot simply by the color of your skin and if someone wishes to take arms and fight against someone join the military we need all the help that we can get but there’s no reason for us to fight and have these wars amongst our people on our soul for our rights its time that we all stand up for our rights as United States citizens we may not sit down at the same supper table for share a cup of coffee but we do stand under one United States of America flag

  • Topsaint123

    Oh dear!, do they not know the faked media personnel shooting was a false flag event! to get the sheeple to help them to remove their 2nd Amendment.
    The actors are alive and well.

    • Brandon Pickel

      Yes they are, alive and well

      • Timmy Lucas

        no they are not alive and well.. not sure where you get this kind of Ludacris information but I went to their wakes and funerals… they are as dead as dead gets..

        • Ken Maynard

          they get it from liberal media putting a smiling laughing dad on who is also a liberal politician wanting gun control and from a fake boyfriend thats not her boyfriend smiling anbd cracking up during interviews while her real boyfriend has been named but not interviewed,it may be real but if so they should not cheapen it by adding actors and fake boyfriends to be interviewed,surely by now ppl are gonna research and find out so if its true and they are dead her dad and liberals cheapened and used her death by adding lies and actors to protray those lies

        • Sandy Leger Dehn


          • Timmy Lucas

            No Sandy they are not. …I would greatly appreciate you keeping your stupid ass opinions about things you know nothing about to yourself…they are in fact gone…that is certain. and the rest of the fucking idiots who claim Elvis is above need to do the rest of us a favor and disappear as well. …I cannot stand people like you claiming something you ansolutely know nothing about. Spreading rumors only to stir up something. have not seen them take ANY bloody bandages off unless it was at the coroner’s office…I WAS AT THEIR FREAKING WAKE AND FUNERAL. ..STOP LIEING ABOUT SHIT FOR ATTENTION!!!!!!!..

          • Sandy Leger Dehn

            you are the stupid one. I have no reason to draw attention to me,, I will be the one that gets the last laugh. People will do any thing for money, read up on your facts before you cuss any one out, go to youtube. there is alot there to learn. But you will find out soon enough. Sandy Hook was a Hoax also.

          • michael lutz

            Sandy you must be right. If it said it was a hoax on the internet, than it is fact. Are you blond? Two people were shot dead on live TV. May they rest in peace, may you get a brain. Your disgusting..

        • Austin E Triplett

          In the constitution it states all men are equal so why would you sperate them? Why would you want to make more segregation witch will cause more problems? Why are half of you so blind to see that America is broken because of the government and the people lost there libertarian ways? We don’t need a republican or a democrat in office we need an American who stands for the constitution and can end racism in America.

  • Romeo Sirate

    This is exactly the kind of thing that needs to happen in our country, we live in an imperfect world and even in a country such as ours there’s going to be a lot of turmoil but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix it. What’s going on with black Americans is of their own doing and yet they are blaming everyone else but themselves. Immigrants that came to our country, legally of course, with hardly anything but the clothes on their back help shape the structure of this great country of ours. Early on, in the history our country, welfare is non-existent, everyone worked hard to make a living and supporting their families. Blacks, however, continue to blame slavery and white folks for their failures even though they have the same rights and opportunity to succeed like every one else. It’s about time that America as a whole, not just white people come together as one and show these race baiters that their own failures can no longer be blame on those that worked their asses off to succeed.

    • Diane

      Just do not understand how Obama is still in office. Has everyone in congress lost there minds. Looks like the USA people needs to storm the White House and pull all those IDIOTS out of there and start fresh. But I do want to keep Trey Gaudy and give him full rain. This is a great Idea, this country should get together and buy Obama a Island, there he can be King and Antichrist. Then he can take all Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, Cartel, IRA, KKK and his Muslims there with Al Sharpton as his Jester. USA can be at peace then. Well I can Dream can’t I? Where can we donate?

      • Timmy Lucas

        The kkk?….just so you know. .the kkk are on the side of what’s right. ..they are not the same kkk that you’ve been taught to Hate because you don’t understand. ….they do not go around killing a s causing problems. .they only want to be spate from blacks, jew,homosexuals etc….is out wrong to want to be seperate?….is it wrong to be proud of your white race?…you people have been brain washed into believing that is wrong to defend your white race… have been brain washed by the media that being a homosexuals is ok….you have been brain washed into believing is okay to mix races….you have been brain washed at every outlet to the point your actually willing to defend satanic beliefs. …the bible teaches us that all these things are a sin…this world is tainted and you all have been led to believe it’s all ok because “this is 2015…this isn’t the 60s”…fact is. .the teachings of the holy bible have never changed. ..protest and preachers have picked through to teach what they saw fit but in fact the words are still there that it is a sin. …the KKK are not tyne devils you idiots depict them to be. ..they are for what is written. …they are solely for the progression of the white race….the bible teaches that we are special….when are you going to wake up. …what is it going to take for our white race to take a stand against the atrocities. …when are you going to understand the world we ate living in its not what God intended. all have taken a different path and you blame it on the black lives matter idiots…our the klan…or Obama…when in fact is your own fault…wake up. ..take a stand. your bibles. ..I am by no means a religious person but what is written had always been the truth and had always been what is have still allowed yourself to be brainwashed that all these sins are okay. …what is it going to take white America.

        • richard


          • LeeP

            Without Brian? What’s HE got to do with it? :)

        • rh

          Screw the KKK and their idiot inbred ass. If you are white and you support the KKK in any way then your idiot ass is partially to blame for what is happening right now. The KKK can kiss my ass. Every white person who isn’t an idiot should be saying the same. I love America, but If most whites support those morons then we would deserve being destroyed. Fighting against some blacks who promote violence is one thing, but supporting any group with a history like theirs is what a retard who isn’t wise enough to see what it will do to the country his children will live in would do. Don’t forget there are good and honest blacks fighting against a large portion of their own community. Don’t disrespect them by promoting a group with a disgusting past. The KKK should disgust any good hearted white person. If it doesn’t then you are to blame for this situation, and you are helping to make it worse. Screw them pointy hood wearing inbred goat humping trailer trash white retards. That is coming from a white person.

        • Suzie Snyder

          I have read many places that by 2030-2040 there will be no white race. We’re being out bred, and inbred!

      • richard


      • Keith Caulley

        We are to take all the wicked and cast them in a lake of fire i mean burn them alive

      • James

        A lot of our cabinet has Muslim advisers. I think they have been threatened and the advisers are there to make sure they do what Muslims want or they have accidents/heart attacks. Make no mind to me I’m just nuts. LOL

        • Suzie Snyder

          They were promised to be part of the elite NWO crew!

      • Suzie Snyder

        Take the Clinton’s and Soros too!

    • James Farthing

      need to cut all give away programs out except for the truly needed that is a start

    • Cee Kee

      You are so right. Many Americans have lost their freaking minds or have lost their nerve to stand up to a tyrant like Obama. He came into office with the agenda to bring this country down and we have just stood by and watched. If we don’t stand up soon it may be too late.

    • Erik R. Kopp

      right on brother

  • Cod3R3d

    All this racial tension is orchestrated by Obama and his admin. That was his job when he was in Chicago and thats one of many reasons he was PUT into office. Our votes dont mean sh!t. We can all fight against one another or fight for one another. C’mon peeps. Lets work together and squash these f##king Satanic Elitists. They know if we figure out their game and unite theyre dead.

    • Fern Gully

      100 percent right!

    • Jerry Holloway

      Yeah and it’s the excuse Obama is looking for to declare martial law

      • kenny walker

        martial law is just anther way of say the next revolution

        • rus432

          Martial Law is a bad thing. Revolutions do not happen because things are bad…Revolutions happen because the people get a taste of how good life “could” be. So you cannot say ML would cause a Revolution.

      • rus432

        Obama can not declare “martial law”. Martial Law can only be declared by the State. The Federal Government does not hold that right over the “State’s” Law Enforcement agencies or the “State’s” National Guard. Only Governors and State Congress.

        • Lorilyn Crow Moss

          The TPP treaty that Obama signed into law has a clause that specifically gives the UN authority on US soil to intervene in disputes with other countries over land, businesses etc. Obama has a way to bypass Martial Law and bring in UN law.

          • LeeP

            He thinks he does.

        • MARYANN33

          Obama could not give a fig about any law. He is lawless and a traitorous dictator. Our reps refuse to remove him.

    • MARYANN33

      We need to remove the head of this gang Obama and put him in prison now. He celebrates the deaths of cops. They sould all take a long vacation….

  • Street

    All beer talk, yak yak yak.

    • Bennett


  • Banoro Garrett

    Boy boy boy, you redneck crackers been mad ever since an African American got elected President, proving Dr. King’s dream of the promised land. Now you ready to take up arms to return to Jim Crow. God is watching. Keep talking of a race war and the enemies of America will use it against us. Look back in history and recall the atrocities committed against African Americans. A welfare check my ass. Reparations should be made in the form of billions of dollars. But God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sews, that shall he also reap.

    • James Farthing

      and you and your people should listen boy

      • Bennett

        And just how complete and powerful did this most idiotic statement make you feel James farthing lol this is the exact stupidity thats ripping this great nation to shreds. I truely think your biggest problem is starring back at you in the mirror, not me, nor Black people

    • Ken Maynard

      youre an idiot and the color of his skin is y you voted him in the chaos in the country and world is why hes not smart enough or man enough to do the job,you play the race card all you want but remember americas first black president will go down n history as the worse american president,not for his color but for his ignorance.u a puppet follower who cant think or do for yourself i understand needing someone to tell u when to jump its why youll always be a follower and puppet and never anything more now that youre a liberal mouthpiece,i ll tell u some of your ignorance,u back obozo and liberals because thay for the black ppl yet every yr for 50 yrs of your racebacking them youre worse off today which shows they can tell u anything knowing youre not smart enough to know better,secondthey give illegals ids to work drive and all in this country but if blacks have ids its surpressing the vote so again theyre saying even illegal mexicans have a place and are important to the country but u are just a pon used to push theyre agenda,must be nice going thru life blaming others for your failures and laziness but being walked over daily by those you back and think its normal,u back those who bought sold and run slaves ships and ports n this country,who created kkk,black panthers and the underground terrorist group but against others for ur downward spiral,kinda funny how inorant you really are and still not man enough or smart enough even being told to research it for yourself and see ….blame anyone and everyone you want but dont say it out loud because everyone knows ur an idiot then…..good luck there puppet boy,oh and we owe you nothing no one alive today was a slave or owned a slave you just want a fckn free ride because youre fckn lazy grow up

      • Tom Jackson

        You said it well, my sentiments also.

      • tbrec63387

        Ken … don’y get drawn into his BS

    • tracymae

      And what will you do with Louis Fahrakan, you know the uniter who wants to open season on whites?

      • Mark Hansen

        Kill that fucker Fairy-coon along with all his Muslim cohorts!!!!

        • Bennett

          Lol you are no killer so dont allow someone to pump your little head up into thinking you are. You have killer talk but why have you not killed anyone yet. Sssshhhhh

    • Rita Gail Houk

      we ant crackers, we are americans . you are a American, the whites voted for Obama believing in him, ooops, our bad, hes a fuck job just like all the bushes. Obama ant black, hes a devil suckin muslim and don’t give a dam bout you either boy, yall need to wake the hell up and get off your ass and stand tall with us again and take back our dam country, LEARN HISTORY

    • ginger

      Exactly all the sins of everyone will be before god one day … but until then how bout keep your racial slurs to yourself if you expect the same and want to cry about a flag and the word nigger but redneck cracker is ok .. which doesnt bother me one bit actually kinda funny … billions of dollars you see that’s the problem society has catered to African Americans so much that you believe America owes something to you . .

    • Mark Hansen

      Reparations to who exactly? Anyone that was victim to the atrocities in history are long gone. I suppose YOU would be willing to accept the compensation on their behalf? And while I’m at it, you can ditch the “African Americans” bullshit. You are not an African unless you were born there. If yoy were born in America, you are just another American.

    • Richard Hill

      what ever Reparations you think you deserve has been payed.. payed in full by the blood of hundreds of thousand that fought and died to stop slavery… you know that little thing that happened between the southern democratic states.. and the Republican president.. oh sorry forgot.. you had not even been born yet, and don’t have any way of knowing what or how people were feeling at that time.. so nobody owes you a dime.. just because your skin is dark or you ancestors were enslaved at one time.. doesn’t even start to give you the right to put your self in their shoes.. and clam what you think that they should be given.. and use their lives as an excuse for everything you haven’t done for your self..

  • Douglas

    You people are pathetic, talk about owing blacks billions and giving Mexico land back. Do some history research. One, there was Irish slaves here before blacks and then they started breeding blacks and Irish together so a lot of blacks have white Irish blood in their blood line. Two, Irish and Scottish we’re actually taking from there lands and forced into slavery when black slaves where traded and sold by your own people which is still going on today, which was confirmed to me by the black guy I know from work that recently moved here from Nigeria and also he is a great guy as well. Mexico lost a war to us and we where nice enough to let them keep half. The only argument you have is Indians. My ancestors never owned slaves, they where the fucking slaves bitch boy. All you people do is talk shit, instead of researching the facts. I don’t owe anyone shit! And just so you know if votes really do count which I don’t think they do, then how is America racist when 77%of the US population is white and a mixed guy not black got elected, dumbass’es. Also we, well at least the ones with a brain know that our Government is fucked up and 9-11 was a inside job and the powers to be use America to get what they want around the world, so don’t act like the everyday American citizen is part of the corrupt ass Government and the world elites. Don’t worry the war is coming soon and the one’s that stay united will prevail and the racist people black and white and everything in between, you will be gone with the wind too. Get off the Color Wheel, we’re all Americans and we’re mainly all immigrants.

    God, guns and Unity are the only things that will stop The UN (NWO), TYRANNY and a FALSE prophet!

  • Ken cook

    I’m in.. where and when?

  • aznative

    While we are it lets get this million march crew to gather of these haters of America And put them on some ships. It is time for restoration and peace and quiet.

    • Bennett


  • Russell Hillman

    I want to be part of this. Let me know where and when!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Davis

    Dummies , the NWO considers Everyone who does not have $600 million or more to be BLACK! Its not your race its your Lack of Money. NWO only color is GREEN!! They are race baiting and playing sides to make conflicts. There are a few of the NWO. We are the majority. Take USA Back. Stop, falling for this conflict s–t. It does not exist Its been made up to destroy USA!!

  • William Kananen

    Better to be a live white racist then a dead white PC liberal.

  • Christopher Lawrence

    I as a white man would come together to protest against all racist, white ones, black ones, spanish ones etc.

  • Barrister

    I think the economy had a lot to do with it. Obama has crushed black America.

  • Alan w.

    206 Million , we out number the rest of the population by far. When or if we unite together, we can put a stop to Obama and his Zars. Stop the sick and deranged Democrats like the Clinton’s , Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosie , and the Hollywood types , who think they have the answer but have no education what so ever to back up their pithy opinions.
    I say join together in Washington D.C. millions strong and let the establishment know just what it is that we want done with our immigration fiasco, taxes and our SECOND AMENDMENT left alone.

  • Billy Sikes

    These 206 million better get their asses to the polls and elect Trump if they wish to continue to have a country to work in. Liberals are absolutely destroying it.

  • Gregory H Velders

    IF I am A Racists because I am White so be it , BUT you keep poking the Bear eventually he will strike back , just like your loyal dog , keep kicking him eventually he will bite back ! I am a LOYAL NRA Member and just try to come this way !!! My Training made me who i am today !

  • Karen Nicholas

    I’d be more inclined, and take it more seriously, if you’d bother using SPELL CHECK and EDIT your material before disseminating it!!!! I totally agree with the premise, but damn!

  • Good idea. I wrote an article that’s strongly related here:

  • Cesar Contreras

    according to the u.s.a. population is: 13% are black, 17% are latin, 70% are white..and native

  • Stephen Foster

    We need tocclean up America from these parasites.!!!

  • Fred Jones

    Blacks are 13% race in USA, and account for 57% of all murders, 30,000 rapes a year. 55% of the prison pop is Black. 90% of the shootings throughout USA are from blacks. 45% of their violent crimes are against whites. FBI stats can only be ignored by the ignorant Liberals.

  • Zach Webb

    Considering there is only 197.7Million white Americans, I’d say something is wrong here.


    And we fought a war to free these savages. We need a country who will take them in…We have had enough. They still live on the plantation. There is no one to make them behave.We are lawless now so no need for cops. Let us all fight it out with them and be rid of this.

  • Jerry Peck

    Liberal Democrats be then white or black are destroying this world If the plan working whites come together they can do anything they want THE GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR US WE DON’T WORK FOR THEM.Obama treats us like trash congress lets him WE CAN STOP THESE CRIMES.

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm
  • Jim Butowsky

    we need to take the power back from the word. go ahead call me racist,,see nothing happened lol. Im am a proud white male.and this white bashing has got to stop. the agenda is to brown out our white skin. take pride in your whitness dont have babies with black folk or mexicans keep your skin color.

  • Melanie Philip

    This is good and apparently needs to be done. This country needs a wake up call, so much has gone down hill with this first black President. Equality can only be defined as such when it actually happens. This is not the case from my observations.

  • Isaiah Israel

    fuck you n white wanna be america the thing is wanna be whites think theyll be in this state forever and honestly youve forgotten one thing the tables do turn bitches so be prepared for karma to kick you in the ass i know we havent forgotten what happenned and were gonna get even……

  • Keith Skelton

    I’m all for uniting and marching on Washington in force. That’s the only way we are ever going to let the government know we Americans run the show not the politicians.

  • Bruce Grieves

    i love the klan KKK

  • Bardock Diszno

    When will white America get off they’re asses and out the comments section and do something they are taking our country and we sit and do nothing they burn our cities and attack innocent people and we do nothing I never owned slaves I’m tired of white guilt this is our country when will enough be enough I’m tired of hearing whites can’t come together and protest or act cause we have work the next day well go to work and they’ll take our country and lives from underneath us make no mistake these thugs and terrorists hate ur white ass they want you dead they want your children dead and you sit and let it happen as u wallow in ur white guilt and shame for something you never did or because you were afraid this country is polluted the wolves are at the gates and still you do nothing please wake up white America this could be a great country I’m not saying it would be perfect but it would be better we need to act and take this country back the war is already apon us and if we don’t act now we will lose it all