BREAKING: 18 Shot And 6 Dead, Obama SILENT- Here’s Why…


Just a short period after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, in Orlando, Florida, where a Muslim terrorist gunned down 49 people, killing them, and injured more than 50 others, we have another mass shooting on our hands. Last night, 18 people were shot, 6 of whom were killed, yet you won’t hear a damn word about any of it in the media.

Is this because the shootings happened in the Middle East? Where we’ve come to expect such things?


It’s because the shootings happened in Chicago, Hussein Obama’s home town, where we’ve come to expect such things.

Sadly, last night’s shootings were just an ordinary, run of the mill, every day occurrence in Chicago. The city has aptly earned the nickname as America’s murder capital.

The Governor of Illinois has been considering calling out the National Guard to protect the streets of Chicago, due to the ridiculously high occurrence of shootings in that city, but working out the logistics of the wheres and hows has been a nightmare. At this time, the National Guard has not been called out, though it is assumed that they will be in the coming months, if not weeks.

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The Giver

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  • Kathy Nawara

    wise up people it is not his home state ,Hawaii,Kenya is Chicago, where his Grandparents lived & he moved to while living as a teenager for awhile.

  • Larry Smith

    Really? Orlando was the worst shooting in history? Lets see- 300 at the Wounded Knee Massacre. There was a school bombing back in the 1920’s that killed 250 children. There was the Branch Davidian, in Waco, Texas back in the 1990’s were 72 were killed plus 30 plus children……Get your damned facts straight, people!

  • charleyhog

    waiting for obama to declare marshall law he needs more up risings from the musllim s, blacks ,,mexican,,jews ,&caucasions and any other race or religion not mentioned