Breaking! 16 Year Old Schoolgirl Nearly Decapitated On Way To School! Another “Peaceful Refugee” Attack?


Breaking news out of Queens, New York this morning! It seems that a sixteen year old exchange student was on her way to school when a psycho set upon her and tried to cut off her head!

The media, who has barely reported on this issue, though it is obviously quite serious in nature, REFUSE to give ANY description of the perpetrator! Why is this? Shouldn’t the public at large be on the lookout for this guy?

Could it be that the perpetrator is of a certain ethnicity that the Hussein Obama administration is trying to protect? Could it have been one of his “sons” like that Michael Brown thug?

Or is it even worse? Is it one of Hussein Obama’s fellow practitioners of the “religion of peace?” Out to claim the head of someone who does not worship his way, as their book of hate dictates?

Only time will tell if the media comes up off their secrecy and silence in regard to this story. So far, only one little smidgen of info about this incident has leaked on Yahoo News, sited at the end of this article. Let’s hold this left wing leftist media accountable and demand they tell us more about this story!


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  • edinflorida

    This is the world the media and our elected leaders are leaving for our children and grandchildren. Only the worst of the worst are good these days. The media protects them for some satanic reason. Go figure

    • Donna Crowell

      They are Traitors. To We the People pasted and present. Trump 2016′ for Freedom, Our America and We the People!

  • Only the most pathetic journalist would reach as far as this article does to blame this on the President. Nice click bait headline, btw; when you’re supporting evidence is merely speculation and conjecture. It’s websites, and news outlets like this that make the world look at us and laugh. The sad part about it, is that they should laugh.

    • MAC49

      Pardon Me BUT just who is letting the borders open and welcoming these (?). And also bringing these A$$’s and releasing them into the country and with OUR tax dollars and also tax payers are housing and feeding them. This is being done by the ignorant President and NO politician will try to stop him. Although Obama knows EXACTLY what he is doing the politicians are the ignorant ones!

      • So you completely ignore the majority of what I said to focus on Obama. You’re just as pathetic as the author of the article. WHERE in this article does it say who the culprit was? Besides speculating who it could be, there is no proof one way or another about who committed this crime.

        It’s okay however, you don’t have to worry. The black guy wont be president for much longer.

        • kuntrybabe

          Thank God and hopefully he will leave this country!

        • judy

          Thank you GOD.