Breaking! 1400 Flights In The U.S. Have Just Been Grounded


1,400 flights in the U.S. have just been grounded! The immediate decision and action taken to do this was done in order to protect the lives of every passenger aboard and those on the ground, should a mishap occur.

The national weather survey has reported that a MASSIVE winter storm is going to pummel the east coast of the U.S. and all flights on the eastern seaboard have been grounded to prevent tragedy.

It’s expected that the Washington D.C. area could get upward of a foot of snow by midnight!

The east coast has barely dug itself out of the most recent record blizzard which hit only two weeks ago. It was the largest winter storm on the east coast in recorded history!

Though socialist politicians such as Al Gore, and Hussein Obama decree that global warming is the largest threat to humanity today, ignoring completely radical Islam, we’re not actually seeing much global warming in action, as these onslaughts of winter storms this particular winter show.

If you’re on the east coast, be sure to go stock up on bread, milk, beer and toilet paper before all the stores in your area sell out!

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    That won’t stop the politicians from doing their job, they don’t do anything anyway.