Bowie Bergdahl’s Gay Lover Revealed

bergdahl gay

Apparently, infamous wartime deserter and traitor Bowie Bergdahl, a former E-4 Specialist in the U.S. Army, who had his rank artificially inflated to that of Sergeant when it was believed that he’d been captured by enemy forces in Afghanistan, before the truth finally came out that he’d actually deserted his battle buddies, has a homosexual lover. How could there be anything less to this story when you read what this lover wrote, in an attempt to come to his aid and bail him out of the trouble that this deserter/traitor has gotten himself into?

Bergdahl’s lover from afar, if nothing else writes:

This soldier believes living in Taliban captivity is greater punishment than Bowe Bergdahl could ever receive in the U.S., and subjecting him to more is an injustice.

Bergdahl spent five of the past six years living as a Taliban captive, andlet me emphasize that: he was captured by the Taliban.Without evidence of treason, we have no evidence that Bergdahl was aiding his captors—aside from surrendering the same type of information that John McCain surrendered to his captors and that Michael Durant surrendered to his.

So long as we view the Taliban as an organization that ruthlessly hates and despises America and, especially, American soldiers, we are more warranted in believing that Bergdahl’s captivity was grievously heinous, exponentially moreso than his captivity in the disciplinary barracks at Leavenworth would have been.

In short, Bergdahl has already paid his price.


Personally, I disagree. I believe Bergdahl should be hanged in the public square! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • jane sandes

    Bowe Bergdahl not asked her husband to go after him. This was a fatality. The hatred in your heart will only worsen your suffering and what will still pass.

  • Click Bait

    Not even bergdahl. How can I take a page seriously that doesn’t bother with a quick 2 minute fact check?

  • tbrec63387

    Now he’ll have the LGBT on his side too.


    Bergdahl is not a soldier period. There is no honor,courage duty in this man. He took an oath.He let his fellow soldiers down and his country. It is this simple, OBAMA AND E-4 BERGDAHL ARE QUILTY.

  • Todd

    Bo Bergdahl’s self-centeredness was the cause of many losing their lives and/or suffering horrendous injuries. Even if the story is true, that he simply walked away to find another outpost where he could complain about leadership issues within his own unit, that alone deserves punishment. He walked away from his platoon, left his platoon mates, who later, spent days exposing themselves to needless danger…he deserves all the law will allow.

  • Arthur H. Nicander

    Didn’t going over the hill and deserting one’s post, constitute treason during the time of war, and awarded the death penalty, usually by firing squad.??…..

  • Arthur H. Nicander

    Didn’t going over the hill and deserting one’s post, constitute TREASON, during the time of war deserving of death by firing squad as punishment.??…..

  • He’s a traitor not a hero (unlike Obama’s stupidity of the meaning of hero). He should be tried as a traitor and punished as such. Good, American lives were lost on his behalf.

  • Desertion is desertion. The fact that six men are dead that were sent to look for him and one is hopelessly crippled is more than enough reason to throw the book at him!

  • Wouldn’t epect hs gay lover to say anything bad about him – and he looked suspiciously well-fed, suspciousy clean, suspiciousy unaffected by his (smirk) ‘captivity’ with the Talinan. You really expect us the buy that they had him that long without beheading him – an AMERCAN SOLDIER? Muslims have an underground network – you can bet your hippy BHO had ties with the Bergdah tribe before Sonny Berggdahl up & deserted. Yu can bet the whole thing was planned long before he was ever deployed & BHO was behind it The Taliban were ‘EXPECTING’ him, and he was greeted like the prodigal son. Hang the fr4eak.

  • Itsa

    He was not asked by the trader but it was his duty to go after the diverted trader. That picture alone of the trader rapping his legs around his sex partner would have been enough to get many in trouble.