BOMBSHELL: The Truth About Obama Is Finally Revealed

truth about obama

The truth about Obama has finally been revealed. The things mentioned here have been no secret for anyone who has served in the military during Hussein Obama’s reign of terror, nor have they gone unnoticed by those in America who have been paying close attention to Hussein Obama’s actions.

David Parson writes for the Jerusalem Post, and in a recent oped he wrote the following truths about Hussein Obama:

“His withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan were predictably premature, risking all the American capital and blood invested there… He has overlooked every anti-Western antic of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, while bullying Israel and berating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at every turn.”

“He has bent over backwards to placate Tehran in pursuit of an elusive deal that is most assuredly setting off a nuclear arms race in a Middle East already in flames,” Parson continued. “In short, Obama has alienated allies and coddled enemies all the while chasing some goal that has yet to be clearly identified.”

Should Hussein Obama be allowed to finish out his term in light of these disclosed facts? Or she he be impeached like the traitorous impostor that he is?

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